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Today, I vow to myself…

October 3, 2019

Really felt this Pluto retrograde going direct while finally putting an end to a very toxic & super karmic relationship and toxic cycle in my life. I did believe Love could conquer all. And I still believe it can… It’s just that under that feeling of Love were great wounds that love had nothing to do with (or that the lack of love had everything to do with). As a highly sensitive being, empath and healer, I did attract a very…

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I tested

Seaweed Baths at Kilcullen’s Bath House – Ireland

In February 2019, I went to visit my super good friend Shirley in Ireland. We embarked on this very spontaneous 3 day road trip accross the South of Ireland, accompanied by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, so dear to our hearts, this whole time. When…

September 29, 2019
Energy Healing

The Jade Egg Practice

Yoni means the womb in sanskrit and can also be the source or vagina and can be translated as “the source of all life”. The practice of the Yoni Egg or Jade Egg is a practice from ancient China, when empresses used the Jade…

September 25, 2019
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Integrative Breathwork aka holotropic breathing

The first time I attended a Breathwork session was with the Reiki Master who attuned me to the first levels of Reiki in Miami, Lorraine Meyer. She describes Integrative breathwork as follows… The conscious use of our breath is an ancient practice embodied by shaman, yogis, meditators…

September 10, 2019

Unrequited Love – Message from Mother Mary

“My child, My dear child… We love you, we listen to you and we hear you. We do everything we can to answer your sacred prayers. Your heart is bleeding from an unrequited love and we are doing our best to support you in this…

September 1, 2019
Earth's Sacred Sites

Glastonbury – The 3rd Eye Chakra of the Earth

In January 2019, I went to Glastonbury starting a new project to travel on the sacred sites of the Earth and especially the chakras of the Earth. Indeed, Mother Earth, the Universe and the human body work the same way, with energetic centers, feminine…

July 22, 2019
I tested

Stepping into my light

I received a very enlightening meditation one day where I paid a visit to Grandfather Sun. His message was to make peace with the Light. Indeed, I might have felt, on an unconscious level, not so comfortable with my light. And working on accepting…

June 19, 2019