Energy Healing

Secrets of the Earth

July 20, 2018

One day, while meditating, I saw myself in the cosmos…

Surrounded by rays of light… an infinite number of rays of light.

Then, one of those rays opened up in front of me and showed me what was inside. It was an ocean…

And then I realized that these rays of light are dimensions!

That there are an infinite number of dimensions in the cosmos and that they all incarnate in the 3rd Dimension, on Mother Earth, in 3D.

There was a dimension for everything as I was watching Mother Earth in the center, surrounded by all those rays of light…

A dimension of Light, of Darkness, of trees, of fire etc. etc. INFINITE…

So in this drawing I share my understanding, a concept of what the cosmos and Mother Earth are, according to the information I received.

Thank you Universe for the beautiful gift, Thank you Mother Earth!

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