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Shamanic Yin Yoga

June 9, 2017

While I was in Paris, a friend offered me to go to a shamanic yin yoga class.

Yin yoga being my favorite practice of yoga and shamanism being a practice in which I am particularly interested, I agreed of course.

In order to better understand what shamanic yin yoga means, I did a research on the internet and found only very little info.

Here is the presentation of the Tiger Yoga Club:

“Asana, Mantras, Music, Gong meditations and Shamanic Songs …

The poses (asanas) will allow us to reconnect with our center and our roots, to amplify the opening of the hips, to balance the nervous system and to access the deep connective tissues (fascias and ligaments) to strengthen our joints.

We will experience a better fluidity in our pranic body, thanks to the stretching of our various energy meridians, especially those of the legs.

Pranayamas, Mudras, Mantras and Yoga of Sound and Meditations, we will help develop a state of listening and concentration necessary to integrate the “conscious witness” inside each posture and to learn to surrender to gravity.

The session will be guided and accompanied by music and sacred songs, mantras and shamanic ikaros, opening up an altered state of consciousness.

You will feel the resonance of the practice at physical, emotional, mental, energy and spiritual levels … “

The presentation is rather exciting and makes the connection between yin yoga and shamanism indeed. What about reality?

So here I am at the Tiger Yoga Club. It is a club quite chic, modern, super cute. Once my friend arrives, we settle in the room where the yin yoga shamanic session takes place.

The shaman, professor, master of ceremony, facilitator, I do not know very well how to call him, comes from Argentina and has a yoga center in Peru.

We wait for the latecomers before starting the journey, with mantras, allowing us to raise the vibrations of the space as well as ours.

Then slowly we enter the yoga poses in which we stay about 5 to 7 minutes as indicated in yin yoga. Each position is an opportunity for the shaman to take us on a different journey towards ourself, with the sound of his voice, instruments, gongs etc. inducing indeed the altered state of consciousness allowing a deep relaxation and an opening to the journey.

This is another way to approach yoga and it has been a great experience for me. Coming out of the class I feel good, really good. I leave with all the benefits on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual indeed. I’ve let go of some blockages, lessons have been learned and all the layers of my being have been solicited and have therefore worked to bring me what I need.

I strongly advise this type of practice that works holistically.

Feel free to share your own experiences of this method in the comments below!


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