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Healing with mudras

August 7, 2017

Mudras are hand gestures that were used in meditation and that are now used in the yoga practice: yoga asanas, meditation, ceremonies, dance etc.

It is considered that each finger of the hand corresponds to an element, the same way Ayurveda considers that each cell of our body is composed of the 5 elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ether.

The thumb corresponds to the fire element, the index to the air element, the middle finger is the ether element, ring finger is the earth element and the little finger is the water element.

The hand positions are considered to have a very powerful effect on balancing energy, healing and a regular practice of 15 to 20 minutes per day of these mudras can bring amazing results. So easy… The practice can be done anywhere and anytime (on the bus, at the beach, while traveling, during your yoga practice of course etc.)!

Here I will focus on only 4 mudras, which are the ones I have been using the most in my practice.


Gyan Mudra

One of the most popular mudras used in meditation. It can be used anytime, in asana practice as well. It’s a very grounding mudra helping the energy circulate and stay within yourself.


Namaskar Mudra

This mudra connects all the elements together. Certainly the most famous mudra, which when brought to the heart chakra, will bring peace and love. It is used for greetings, prayers and thankfulness.


Vishnu Mudra

This mudra is used for pranayama (breathing) exercises. It is advised to use the right hand. Indeed, the thumb being the fire element and the right nostril is linked to the sun (and left nostril linked to the moon), it is better to have a connection between fire and sun. This mudra will enhance the pranic flow and support the cleansing and purification process of pranayama.


Dhyana Mudra

Associated to the Buddha, this mudra has a shape of a cup and represents the emptiness, purity and freedom to receive  all we need. It’s a beautiful mudra to focus on emptiness and it’s a very balancing mudra. It is precious to support beginners in meditation.

These are easy and beautiful “tools” to implement in your everyday life, so just enjoy them as much as you can!

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