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Singing bowls – Sound massage

August 16, 2017

I’ve been interested in sound healing and especially singing bowls for a while now.

I have bought myself a very nice singing bowl in Rishikesh, India. I was not even supposed to go to the music store but one thing leading to another, I ended up accompanying my friend there. After a few minutes in the store, I just picked up one bowl and played it. And its vibration was so beautiful and right and resonated so intensely within me that I knew it was mine. I have been using it since then for a few Reiki sessions that I offered to some friends on the way and they all loved it. And so did I of course…

When I bought it, I have been told that it resonated with the heart chakra, as the bowls are also known for having a vibration that resonates and help heal a certain chakra (even though I kind of received mixed information about it haha). The important is just to choose what resonates with you and feels right.

Just follow your intuition… Always!

We also enjoyed a little demonstration that consists in placing water in the bowl and playing the bowl. The process was just magical. While playing the bowl, the water would start making bubbles and jump all over. The water would then be purified and ready to drink with all its optimal properties!

After witnessing this, it’s quite cool to imagine what a sound massage with many bowls can do to the whole body made of 75% of water.

We are vibrations so it makes sense to receive sound therapy to balance energy, clear blocages and heal.

Upon my arrival in Nepal, I started enquiring about singing bowls therapy and I heard about Peter Hess who actually is German and who’s been coming to Nepal and studied the singing bowls for over 20 years and train the locals on the technique while also recovering the ancient knowledge of the production of these precious jewels. He has identified the below (most important) effects of sound massage:

  • Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to the person’s original trust
  • Gentle massage and harmonisation of each individual body cell through sound
  • Relief of tensions and blockages in the body
  • The client experiences her or his body to be pleasantly light and freely vibrating
  • Reinforcement of self-healing forces
  • Positively impact our self-confidence, creativity and productive energy
  • Attain renewed joy of life
  • Relinquish old patterns – a new order can evolve


It starts very gently, with the sound of the bowl resonating from your feet as it comes back up slowly to the ear. Then the therapist will place the bowl on different parts of the body, and add one to 2 other bowls, gently hitting them so they release their heavenly sound.

I just had such a pure moment of relaxation and bliss

As soon as I hear singing bowls, it seems to put me in this “trance” state, taking me directly to that cocoon of softness and relaxation.

The session lasted about 45 min to an hour I guess. I have to say that I kind of lost consciousness and track of time there (might have slept a little haha).

I only discovered that term “Sound Massage” afterwards and it fits exactly the experience. I felt the same state of relaxation as I do after a massage. The tensions in my body have diminished drastically and I’m feeling a little spacey, so a little treat and a nice tea will be very welcomed to ground myself again… hmm…

I’m looking forward to the next one! And you?

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