Portrait of a healer: Claire Aguirre

October 7, 2017

I am very happy to share the portrait of this beautiful woman, Claire Aguirre, that is for me, a great great healer, shaman, guide and so much more…

I met Claire when I needed some guidance in my life and her kindness, attention, soft guidance and intuitive practice helped me connect with myself in my deepest being. A few months after this encounter, I travel the world and live one of my biggest dreams.

An immense THANK YOU Claire, from the bottom of my heart!

How did you discover energy healing for yourself?

I had thyroid problems at 14, and at 18 I told myself that it was not possible to take a medication for life. I wanted my body to regain balance by itself. Life brought me as a gift, a nice encounter with a shiatsu therapist, and I decided after questioning her every day for 2 weeks, to train in shiatsu! It was a sublime opening towards energy and self-development, towards grounding and our connection to the whole. Everything was already in me, then everything was clear. Immense gratitude towards life, which until then seemed very dark to me …

I got out of my shell, fog and continuous doubts I had been experiencing since I was 5 years old. At last, everything cleared up. I practiced do-in, reiki, shiatsu and creative thinking every day to transform myself. I had kind masters…

I got out of my fears and anguish through rigor, conviction, determination, and CONFIDENCE that had finally arisen within me

How did you start practicing energy healing professionally?

This 4 years training in shiatsu opened myself to my potential. The more I practiced, the more I felt, the more KI became present in my life, I listened to everything and I wished, like every beginner therapist I think, to save the world lol! We get lessons and we learn.

It was Me that I saved first 🙂 and I realized that by using the right tools one could allow everyone to regain his capacity for self-healing.

By loving yourself, it allows others to love themselves, we are all mirrors

And it’s wonderful to be a practitioner and applying this at every moment. We grow with our customers.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to discover and it continues everyday with a passion for the human kind, the energy, “the invisible”, the intuition and the universe …. Life brought me here from one sign to another, from one encounter to another, from a certainty to another. I let myself be carried away in this treasure hunt. And what a fantastic trip!


For you, what is energy healing?

It means connecting with the source, with this light in us, in everything. For me, everything is already there, we search outside what we have within.

We are all our healer, our therapist, our guide

Universal energy is the source, we just have to look at the right place and welcome it. For me it is life, the unconditional love that flows in each of us. Being grounded, responsible for one’s life, human and connected, conscious of one’s role on earth, connected to the source, this alignment heals us at every moment. It takes courage, confidence, a lot of patience, gentleness, observation, listening and action – and it’s never over …

For you, who is energy healing?

It’s everyone. That’s all, it’s the earth-heaven, it’s the people who opens their heart and their hands.
No need to name it, I think. With all the practices today, I have the impression that the human still wants to put in boxes something that will never fit in a box.

I think we have to see bigger, farther, more infinite. Is immensity scary? 😉

What is your professional practice?

Intuition 🙂 I follow the flow, I listen to the guides, the “medicine man” and I transmit by words, acts, songs that come from the source.

Everything evolves constantly in my practice, nothing is fixed, everything changes and adapts itself, I have to leave my comfort zone  constantly, it was triggering and now I like it very much.

I have no term, no label to name what I do. The name that best represents my practice is a name that I had in vision: “Yümnity” which means Humanity and Unity.
I pass this on to workshops, trips, guidance, healing treatments and with my blog, my energetic paintings and my children’s books.

I love creating!

And I love the group deeply. It is powerful and we go further together

Each person in the group guides my practice, it is a real gift that they all make me! Gratitude!

Circle of women ©manaweephotography.com

What is your practice for your own optimal well-being?

Breathing, meditation, yoga, walking, the present moment, dialogue with my guides.
A creative way of thinking, accepting the present, welcoming. It’s off times, simple times, times with my friends, “nothing” time and precious family time. It is a reconciliation with physical food, every day, more beautiful and more conscious. It is dancing, singing, painting, I need to create. And I need to dream constantly to create, innovate, listen and be.
And the journey … the discovery, the sharing … which is coming soon.

A message, piece of advice about energy healing for the people who will read this blog?

They already know 😉 they have the best piece of advice for themselves.

Our only trigger is that we do not listen to ourself enough, we do not trust enough to take good actions for us ….

Listen to your heart everything is there

We are all capable of healing ourself: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Just be ready to explore our interior in a holistic way.

Find out what is good for you, what resonates, think for yourself, not according to your beliefs. Clean …

I believe that there are many words, practices, techniques, schools in terms of energy healing, after all, it is this Love that heals.

Freestyle question – What would you like to add?

Aloha, namaste, mitakuye oyasin

Create ourself for the good of all!

And Thank you very much Anne to create your dreams and raise the collective vibration by realizing yourself. Shine!

You can contact Claire Aguirre via:
Blog: www.yumnity.com
Website workshop care courses: www.larbre-blanc.com
Book for children on the wisdom of the world: www.lesvoyagesdepetitelutine.com

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