Portrait of a healer: Clément Bazan

October 18, 2017

Clément is a friend of friends who lives and works as an energy coach in Barcelona. I was lucky that these friends created that connexion between us to discuss our common interest, energy healing …

We have never met in person and yet we have already exchanged a lot on this subject, his methods, his path and I am looking forward to trying his methods out. And above all, I sent him one of my best friends who was delighted with this encounter and who experienced great results afterwards.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I introduce this “portrait of healer”, filled with simplicity, authenticity and openness.

Thank you very much Clément for sharing!

How did you discover energy healing for yourself?

I went through a time of depression in 2011, when I lived in Ireland as an expatriate. I was going through a very complicated break up, I isolated myself, I lost all strength to work and I had to return to France urgently because I had suicidal thoughts. A year later I heard about these energetic methods and it clicked in my head.

How did you start practicing energy healing professionally?

After 4 years to “sell” to my friends and family this technique of release of emotional blockages, I finally took the step and trained in the technique, at first just out of curiosity. Then, pleasure and passion brought me to become a practitioner.

For you, what is energy healing?

It is putting consciousness and light on our blocages that are unconscious, which means, going to the source of our physical, psychic and emotional problems, to understand their origins and then accept them, release or transform them  and therefore be able to cure them.

Energy healing is the future of medicine

thanks to the development of new sciences such as quantum physics.

For you, who is energy healing?

It is all the people who have accepted that the whole universe is made of energy, including ourselves. It is a new paradigm to explore, but once integrated, it opens up the field of possibilities whether in the search for a healing or for personal development.

Unlike medicine, which opposes the knowing (the physician) and the ignorant (the patient), energy healing is accessible to everyone, whether one has participated in a one-day Reiki Class (or the circuits method that I propose), whether one has learned principles through a book, or whether one is a great master practitioner in his/her field, it is an open concept in addition to not being dogmatic.

Also, energy healing can be practiced individually, which I call in English “self-help” or by consulting a person who practices these methods more thoroughly to accompany us on our path of evolution (or in case the practice of the method is not possible alone).

What is your professional practice?

I am Entrepreneur and energy coach. I “invented” this second term, because my role is really to give people the keys to their creative power, contrary to the term therapist for example, that may be more positioned as “the knowing”. I felt that we were missing the name of a new professional or amateur activity that sticks to our time and to the problems of our modern societies.

Entrepreneur because I also work a lot on the Internet to develop training related to energy healing and the creation of a community that will evolve and share on this same theme.

What is your practice for your own optimal well-being?

I use several methods for myself. The first is the circuits method, which I offer only on the Internet: 5 points of acupressure on the body that will draw a circuit and annihilate within seconds any negative emotion that one can live. An anti-stress, anti-anxiety, anti hyperemotivity method…

When I can I also use the access bars method: 32 points on the skull that help “empty the trash of the computer”. This involves 2 people, one person giving one session, the other one receiving. One to two sessions per month gives you incredible energy.

And then, another one called the 2-point method (or quantum entrainment, or similar to TIPI and NERTI), which allows to “digest, suppress, release” any emotion.

The first “circuits method” will balance your energy and make you feel good every day, the second “Access Bars” will give you incredible energy for several weeks, withdrawing unnecessary thoughts and then, “the 2-point method” will allow to get rid of any specific negative emotion forever.

The combo of the 3 methods gives incredible results in your life and gives you the strength to realize your dreams

A message, piece of advice about energy healing for the people who will read this blog?

Go for it! There are hundreds of different methods. You will have the feeling that with some there are few effects and others will be very meaningful for you. And then energy healing is mostly a story of people, feeling and confidence.

Energy healing is also a personal path

Each method plays a relevant role depending on your life stages.

Freestyle question – what would you like to add?

Consciousness and love <3, always more – Thank you Anne



You can contact Clément Bazan:

Site internet : www.mysensei.me

whatsapp : +34684364053

page facebook : fb.com/mysensei.me

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