Portrait of a healer: Luc Lachenal

November 15, 2017

My friend Carole often spoke to me about a healer she had met, who was great, and that “I had to meet”!

It is quite naturally then, that the opportunity presented itself, a Saturday morning of April, when we joined Luc for a wonderful walk in the forest and “reconnecting with the energy of the trees”, an event he was organizing.

We spent a beautiful morning with Luc who nurtured us with his bright energy, his serenity and his gentleness (I think that’s what touched me the most) and that gave us a kind support in this reconnection and in the energetic cleansing that we were going through.

I am very happy to share with you this “portrait of a healer” about a great friend, Luc Lachenal.

How did you discover energy healing for yourself?

Since I was little, I wanted to help others, being the 7th child of a family of 9, the mutual aid was simply a way of life. My parents were farmers and taught me the value of work. I already had the love of nature in me and often I found myself at the top of a tree watching… time passing. But despite (or because of) everyone around me, I felt lonely, in permanent pain. It was not until much later that Maria, a healer (magnetizer) explained to me that I was giving my energy to heal the people around me. I felt their pain or their emotions and I helped them at my own expense. Thanks to her, I began to realize that my energy was vital for me, she taught me, with simple words, how to preserve myself. And through new encounters, I continued to learn, sometimes in pain, the disease too. And one day discovering that Love with a big A is stronger than anything and that it can heal all wounds.

How did you start practicing energy healing professionally?

Little by little, to heal my friends first. By being wrong to believe that I was the one healing others. They showed me (and still show me) what I need to heal within me. Then I realized that I was just a channel, a pipe in fact, that was on earth to make energy circulate between the sky and the earth. That there was no pride, but just a lot of gratitude and humility towards the Universe to allow me to transmit energy where it is needed, to rebalance the body or emotions. Beautiful encounters opened my eyes, mind and heart. Today, it is simply for me time to transmit, to guide, to awaken the people who come to see me, to replace pain with Love.

For you, what is energy healing?

It is realizing that energy is everywhere in us and around us (the celestine prophecy). Accompanying this energy to flow again through the body of humans, animals or plants, so that it carries with this flow all that has become useless, all that belongs to the past. If you want to put fresh water in a cup that is already full, it overflows and the pure water falls to the ground. If you start by emptying your cup of what no longer serves you, then, you let in a new light, you become responsible with your life, your free will, you can welcome new people, new perspectives. And the horizon of possibilities is expanding to infinity.

For you, who is energy healing?

Healing is in each of us, being present in the here and now, everyone can feel the energy and its benefits. Of course going to see a healer, a magnetist, a shaman, to be accompanied and guided is important, to launch the machine… But what is essential is that everyone regains consciousness of their own inner strength, the light that shines inside their heart. From their little personal flame that can grow more and more and radiate far beyond the physical body. Not in an aim that others follow the same path, but to show how good it is to shine, to give others the desire to shine and follow their own path of Light towards Peace, Love, Harmony.

What is your professional practice?

Magnetism, treetherapy, auratherapy, hypnosis and many other things that are not named. My toolbox is wide, and every day new tools come to take place. I let myself be guided to use them, mix them, improve them. In fact I think I do “Lucky Therapy”. (Luc’s therapy). You have to put something on the business cards.

My role is to help those who wish to regain their energy autonomy; but also their autonomy in their personal life. Seeing a client evolve and no longer needing me is a great joy.

What is your practice for your own optimal well-being?

I share my energy with the trees, I meditate and I pray daily, I play sports, I laugh, I share, I marvel every day at the beauty of the universe around me. I am thankful, I am thankful, I am thankful, I am thankful… And I strive to be always in the moment, the only moment I can have an impact on.

A message, piece of advice about energy healing for the people who will read this blog?

Trust your feelings, this fraction of a second when the universe gives you the right answer, before your mind “gets involved”. Trust the big thing to meet the right people at the right time, listen to the signs. Keep faith in yourself. If you feel that this or that person can help you, go ahead and agree to go see someone else when they no longer bring you anything because that will mean that you have evolved.

Freestyle question – What would you like to add?

That one should think of staying healthy before having to heal.

That the universe is too big for me to change, so I try to change myself.

In the hearts of women and men lies the greatest strength. It is called LOVE, KINDNESS, HARMONY, SHARING, LISTENING, HUMILITY.

Contact info:
Luc Lachenal
+33 6 11 16 12 57

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