Portrait of a Healer: Laurence Guilloteau

November 27, 2017

I had the great chance to meet Laurence in Bali. Right away, we became friends.

We exchanged on our lives, on the energy, on the Universe …

One day, Laurence offered me a healing treatment and her power lead me to a wonderful journey towards myself, re-conecting with my divine feminine. This healing treatment is the most incredible one I have ever received, with such an intense and rare vibration… I thank Laurence for the beauty of her sublime energy, her powerful healing and her wonderful vibration!


How did you discover energy healing for yourself?

I will not talk about energy healing but about the reconnection to my Energy Essence that we all have to live on Earth.

For me, it is a path that I followed since birth, and even before, but in consciousness since 2000 when I realized that I did not feel well in my life or in my body.

I was only a thinking head, I reconnected with my whole body through massage, dance, singing, reiki, manual care (osteopathy, fasciabioenergy), traditional energy treatments (shiatsu, acupuncture) and more contemporary treatments (expansions of consciousness, essential oils and anointings, sensitive communication), the practice of yoga and meditation and especially in contact with nature, most particularly with animals.

How did you start practicing energy healing professionally?

It is my own journey towards who I am that builds my practice, by integrating what I understood in my deepest self.

Of course, I use different tools and formulas to accompany people who express their needs to feel in harmony at all levels, physical, psycho-emotional, mental and spiritual.

For you, what is energy healing?

As I said above, it is a path to Self, to feel our true Essence, joy, love and peace in our body, it is a path to feel the Life to live fully and to be Free.

There are steps to be taken to heal the wounds of our inner child, of the woman, of the man we have become and to dare to express the being that we are in its completeness and uniqueness, and then to welcome the difference of the Other. By leaving our comfort zone, we can learn and grow. I understood it scientifically in my activity of researcher in immunology, to do Self from the Non-Self. I integrated it into my cells while traveling to countries with different cultures from mine. Everyday life offers us encounters with the Other, whoever he may be, and presents us with the opportunity to grow.

I relate a lot to Feeling today… that Feeling gives back all the dignity to the feminine energy, which requires an aligned and powerful Masculine to be able to expresses itself. This process needs to be integrated at the individual and collective level.

For you, who is energy healing?

The Whole? The void? Maybe no word to name such indefinable thing??

What is your professional practice?

Today, I accompany less and less individuals, I offer workshops that mobilize the senses, the sensitivity and the creativity (reconnection to the Earth, singing, dance, collective mandalas) and I begin to offer internships to foreigners on lands where one can travel in a still preserved nature and where the spiritual traditions are still alive like in Bali. I let myself be guided by my scientific knowledge AND my inspiration. I mainly use vegetable anointings in olfaction and on the skin, they touch all our dimensions and often trigger big changes. The link to the animal is also a very powerful pathway, either when you meet the animal from heart to heart or by contacting the animal spirit. It is a way that I am currently experiencing for me with the meeting with elephants in Thailand, with horses and soon with whales. I share my experience during evenings events, the opportunity to create a moment of conviviality and very rich exchanges. The most important thing is to be fully present, listen and talk with the heart.


What is your practice for your well-being?

Smile as often as possible for everything that comes up, yoga, meditation, walking in nature, solo and in groups.

A message, piece of advice on energy healing for people who will read this blog?

Breathe, eat well, eliminate, move your body, rest, think positively, SMILE.

Happiness is now, the past is past, being centered and in balance, being in one’s axis and light, looking ahead and moving forward with confidence and determination.


Freestyle question – what would you like to add?

Anne, I met you in Bali during the first week of my 3 months trip, a meeting or rather a reunion like other people I met during this trip. I feel a permanent bond that unites us and interdependence in our respective paths. For me it is essential to become aware of it and to share it.

Good luck to you in these wonderful journeys that you offer to yourself and that you live fully. Thank you, Namaste, Om.


Contact information:
Laurence Guilloteau
Website: in progress

AniMaNature association
[email protected]
fb: Anandini AniMaNature
tel 06 88 10 52 86

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