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Healing Massages with Oniel Orridge – Rishikesh, India

December 8, 2017

I met Oniel in Rishikesh, and on our first encounter, I remember him telling me:

“So you want Tui Na… It’s gonna hurt you know… Can you handle the pain?”

Well… I thought I could. And I did. However, I have to be very honest, there was a lot of screaming, cursing and crying…

Oniel has been trained in Tui Na which is a Chinese method of massage that is quite tough (using elbows sometimes) working on acupressure points and meridians. I had already done Tui Na massages in New York and Paris, with Chinese practitioners, but I must say that Oniel’s practice is very personal and “customized”. I had never experienced anything like this and I have experienced many practices.

He is the best healer I have encountered so far!

Oniel accesses the emotional and spiritual levels very deeply to cleanse the traumas and blockages by releasing first the physical tensions through very intense touch (I’m being poetic here compared to what it feels like).

I remember all my sessions quite well. I have seen Oniel on 8 occasions between the first time I was in Rishikesh and the 2 other months I spent there and each time, I felt that excruciating pain, but each time I also felt that layer of “whatever it was” being released enabling me to feel that perfect flow of energy moving throughout my body at the end of each session. Feeling that moment of bliss and awakening of the energy within each cell of my body. And also, that relaxation feeling after all the emotional and physical release that had taken place.

If you’re not much into pain, which I can totally understand, there is also an option for a classic oil massage, which is definitely in the top 3 massages I have received in my life. It is still therapeutic and very very relaxing. I would advise it to anyone in addition to a Tui Na, just for some cocooning and self-indulgence.

For the last 3 sessions, Oniel worked on repositioning my navel, which is a vedic and yogic practice, very common in India, but that hasn’t really made its way to our westerner countries. I found a good article about this technique, so if you’re interested, go read it here.

Basically, our navel, can shift through life’s traumas whether emotional, or physical and once it has moved it can create unbalance on so many levels. Oniel has learned about this practice from his mother and uses it when he feels there is a need. And I needed it. I used to feel misaligned and I had observed this many times in some yoga postures or in meditation. I kind of felt that my energetic and physical body were misaligned.

And since then, I do feel more aligned within

If you go to Rishikesh and would like to enjoy one of the best healing massages, Oniel’s the one :)!

Oniel Orridge

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