The 7 chakras

January 29, 2018

Wow, the chakras… There is so much to say about them…

As you might have guessed or heard, Indians (from India) have discovered their existence, so in sanskrit chakras mean wheel. The wheel of transmission between the universal consciousness and the body and that connects us to the universe by creating energy when both the Earth energy and the Universal energy meet in these centers.

The chakras work on all layers of the being: body, mind & soul by receiving, transmuting and retransmitting the energy

They are located along the spine, from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Even though we speak mostly about the 7 chakras, there are many more chakras in the body (and it seems no-one can agree on the same number haha), as well as 72000 nadis that are canals of energy (just like meridians) but again, we focus on the 3 main nadisIda (left side of the body, corresponds to the moon and feminine side), Pingala (right side of the body, corresponds to the sun and masculine side), and Sushumna (main Nadi, which when open allows to reach a state of bliss).

These nadis are channels of the energy (that is called either prana, chi, ki etc.) and when they meet, they create these centers of energy, the chakras:

  1. Mooladhara – Root chakra
  2. Swadhisthana – Sacral chakra
  3. Manipuraka – Solar Plexus chakra
  4. Anahata – Heart chakra
  5. Vishuddhi – Throat chakra
  6. Ajna – Third eye chakra
  7. Sahasrara – Crown chakra

Each chakra has a purpose and characteristics:

Mooladhara – Root chakra

Located in the base of the spine, this chakra is linked to the grounding and its purpose is the foundation. It has the color red and is the direct connection to Mother Earth. When balanced, we feel safe, supported and grounded, stable and comfortable in our body, with a good vitality, a good health.

To me, this chakra is the one that needs the most attention because it’s basically where it all starts. Also, it is where the Kundalini (spiritual, cosmic energy in tantra) lies and it’s a very important chakra to feel constantly connected and supported by the Earth energy. It is also linked to the physical body.

The high vibrations of this chakra are “To be here and to have” when its lower vibration is “Fear“.

Self-healing practices for this chakra:

Reconnect with the body through touch, massage, meditations for grounding (tree visualization etc.), specific yoga postures, physical activities etc.

Swadhisthana – Sacral chakra

Located in the lower abdominal area, its purposes are the movement and connection. It has the color orange and is connected to our creativity, creation powers. This chakra is very connected to our sacred femininity and masculinity.

When balanced, we are creative, passionate, have a healthy sexuality, move gracefully and have the ability to experience pleasure.

The high vibrations of this chakra are “To feel and have pleasure” when its lower vibration is “Guilt“.

Self-healing practices for this chakra:

Specific yoga postures, inner child meditations, jade egg practice (for women), movement therapy, ecstatic dance etc.

Manipuraka – Solar Plexus chakra

Located in the solar plexus area (navel), its purpose is the transformation. It has the color yellow and is connected to the “I AM”, our highest potential and power.

When balanced, we show good self esteem, warmth, good health, vitality, reliability and sense of responsibility, confidence and courage.

The high vibrations of this chakra are “To act and be an individual” when its lower vibration is “shame

Self-healing practices for this chakra:

Specific yoga postures, grounding and emotional contact, stress control (relaxation), vigorous exercise (running etc.), martial arts etc.

Anahata – Heart chakra

Located in the middle of the chest, its purposes are love and balance. It has the color green and is connected with our ability to love and be loved unconditionally.

When balanced, we show compassion, ability to give and receive, forgiveness, generosity, empathy, self-love, devotion.

Its high vibrations are “To love and be loved” and its lower vibration is “grief

Self-healing practices for this chakra:

Specific yoga postures, breathing exercises (pranayama), heart opening mediations, journaling, self discovery, emotional release of grief, self-acceptance etc.

Vishuddhi – Throat chakra

Located in the throat area, its purposes are communication and creativity. It has the color blue and is connected to expressing our truth.

When balanced it allows to speak our truth, have a creative expression, a good listening and a clear communication etc.

The high vibrations of this chakra are “To speak and be heard” when its lower vibration is “Lies“.

Self-healing practices for this chakra:

Specific yoga postures, loosen neck and shoulders, singing, chanting, toning, writing, silence, voicing your truth etc.

Ajna – Third eye chakra

Located in the forehead, between the eyebrows, its purpose is pattern recognition. It has the color indigo and is connected to our intuition and any psychic abilities we all have within, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clear knowledge etc.

When balanced it allows to be intuitive, have a good memory, visualize, focus and concentrate, recall the dreams, be imaginative, perspective and insightful and knowing your life purpose and sticking to goals.

The high vibration of this chakra is “To see” when its lower vibration is “illusion“.

Self-healing practices for this chakra:

Specific yoga postures, visual art, meditation, coloring, drawing, guided visualizations, working with memory, hypnosis etc.

Sahasrara – Crown chakra

Located on the top of the head, its purpose is understanding. It has the color purple and is linked to our connection to the universe, the cosmos, the Divine.

When balanced, it allows the perception, the analyze and the assimilation of information, an open mind, wisdom and broad understanding, awareness, the connection with your soul and to surrender to Divinity.

The high vibrations of this chakra are “To know and to learn” while its lower vibration is “attachment“.

Self-healing practices for this chakra:

Specific yoga postures, reestablish physical, emotional and spirit connection, develop inner witness, meditation, spiritual discipline etc.

Chakras are key for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. They are connected to each layer of the body so it is essential to have a balance of energy between all of these 7 chakras to live a harmonious life. This balance can be achieved through therapeutic and energetic support and daily self-practices (see above healing practices).

Personally, I do not see the chakras as being open or closed as one might hear. I prefer to speak of chakras as an energy that vibrates higher or lower depending on the energetic cleaning that has been done with them.

The more one will tend towards a high vibration and the better it will be obviously:) …

So, you know what to do! let’s vibrate high high high !!


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