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Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy – Chiang Mai, Thailand

February 8, 2018

I am just coming out of a craniosacral therapy session and I must say that I am blown away by the subtlety, gentleness and still efficacy of this technique.

Angeliki, the practitioner I met in Pai in Northern Thailand, assists Rosemary Wallace in this practice around the world and has been practicing for 3 years.

The session starts with a body scan where Angeliki places her hands on top of the body, enabling her to have an overview of the key triggers of my body and of the different flows/blocages of energy etc.

She went on by letting me know that she was going to hold my feet for a while. So after placing her hands under the sheet on which I am laying and grabbing my feet gently by the heels, she started working her magic. At least that’s how it felt. I could feel very gentle and super subtle moves from her hands and fingers. I could feel my whole body answering her light and still touch, by realigning itself, as gently as it was directed.

I felt tensions in my neck, while she was at my feet and pressure in my head, and I could also feel my body readjusting, like balancing my left and right sides very smoothly, almost unnoticeably, by itself.

Then, Angeliki moved her hands to the base of my spine and worked on the abdominal area with the same very light touch. That’s basically the fundamentals of Cranio-Sacral therapy: A 5 grammes pressure.

So gentle it is barely noticeable, but the body knows!

What I understood from this practice is that the facilitator connects/synchronises with the different layers of the body (whether physical, energetic etc.) to then lead the body into readjusting itself.

Your body knows what the optimal adjustment is for you

During this whole hour, Angeliki moved to maybe 5 positions in total, continuing her healing facilitating journey with my head, then neck and finally shoulders and chest.

Throughout the session I could feel my body slowly drifting into that very relaxing place, feeling spacey and calm. The session ended up as smoothly as it started, making me understand that these times with my body, just listening to it, asking it to bring self healing where I need it, with gentleness, softness and LOVE, is the key to my healing.

Cherishing the body, acknowledging it, taking care of it, respecting it, loving it!

This is also directly linked to the first chakra. So, from now on, every morning, I will take a few minutes to create that bond with my body and just ask it to perform any adjustments that need to happen for my optimal well-being. I’ll keep you posted on what happens…

And hey, why don’t you join me on this exercise? I would love to hear your feedbacks!!

With love and light,


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