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A “shamanic” Thai massage with Somchai Intajan – Chiang Mai, Thailand

February 14, 2018

A good friend of mine, Magali, told me about that amazing healer she’s met in Chiang Mai and warmly recommended me to pay him a visit.

After checking his ratings on internet, there was no more questions, people were also very enthusiastic about his work and strongly encouraging to visit Somchai while in Chiang Mai. Proactivity is required though, Somchai is pretty busy. I could only get an appointment for the week after. That shows his success!

My appointment with him was 3 days after my Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral session, so I was not sure it was exactly right for me to mix different practices and I wanted a soft, gentle massage. Even though I saw the results of harder massages, I just really needed another approach this time for my body.

So as you understood I was a little confused when I arrived at Somchai practice. He welcomed me with his gentle and kind smile asking if I knew about Thai massages and very rapidly my doubts disappeared. I started telling him about all my previous experiences and that despite the quality of therapy that I received, I was still triggered by my sciatica and back ache and that I no longer could handle pain in therapy and that this craniosacral session had really changed my way of approaching bodywork. Somchai listened to me with great interest, comforting me about the fact that he was going to perform an oil massage and and took me upstairs since the downstairs’space is dedicated to the traditional thai massages.

Somchai also provides abdominal massages which are a very good therapy to unlock traumas. Indeed, this area of the body is considered as the second brain, which means that we keep a lot of emotions, there that eventually need to be released. For him to perform this massage the body needs a little preparation (like fasting on that day for example), so the first appointment with Somchai will most likely be a traditional thai massage.

Well… “traditional”. I’m not so sure about that…

When we started the oil massage, he started with the classic Thai approach to scan the body with precise hand positions on different parts of the body. Then, he lit up some sage and palo santo (my kinda guy – I use these all the time for myself and in treatments) and I can feel that he is performing a cleansing “ritual” of my body layers filling the space with woody scents and herbal fragrances, making me fell warm in a comforting cocoon.

Then, he starts the oil massage with a gentle and also very expert touch. I am totally relaxed, in an altered state of consciousness and I’m starting to perceive that shamanic vibe in the room. A lot of energies and spirits were part of that treatment and I have really felt how Somchai facilitates greatly the healing process by channeling higher energies.

At the end of the treatment, we discussed together and he gave me a few exercises and specific clues on what was actually creating my sciatica and back problems and how to release these emotionally and physically (very much in line with Oniel‘s advice that I had not followed… oops – this time, I definitely will).

And as everything happens always in perfect order, that soft, gentle massage was exactly what I needed that day as the other more challenging massages were what I needed then. There might be a little more pain while doing the exercises I have been given, as I release the emotional and physical traumas, but I am confident it’s for the best and that it will be fully healed this time.

Thank you Somchai for your listening, kindness and expertise. I also thank each and every therapist that have helped me on this journey and who I hope, will help you too!



You can contact Somchai Intajan via Facebook

Phone +66 835 663 398

E-mail changchal[email protected]

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  • Reply Cynthia rice September 9, 2018 at 2:56 am

    I am traveling to Chiang Mai tomorrow and would love it if you could please please please give me the contact information for this man. I have been looking for healers and most are very commercial but I need someone more traditional. This seems like the perfect fit. Please contact me!

    • Reply Anne Paysac October 31, 2018 at 10:11 pm

      Dear Cynthia,
      I am so sorry for answering this late, I was travelling and did not get this message…
      You can contact him through FB at Somchai Intajan. That’s how I used to contact him too.
      I wish it’s not too late for your to meet him, even though I feel it might be.
      I hope you have been able to meet other wonderful healers during your stay in CM…

  • Reply Alex September 28, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    Wow! Impressive. Do you have his contact details? Thanks!

    • Reply Anne Paysac October 31, 2018 at 10:10 pm

      Hi Alex,
      I a so sorry for answering this late, I was travelling…
      You can contact him through FB at Somchai Intajan. That’s how I used to contact him too.
      I wish it’s not too late for your to meet him,

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