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Unconditional Love, the path of highly sensitive people

February 15, 2018

What an interesting discussion I had last night with a friend I just met…

He told me something I found very enlightening about narcissists and empaths, which has a direct connexion with the inspiration I had to write this post about the path of highly sensitive people.

“A narcissist is not good or bad. It’s human to give appreciation of rights and wrongs, to judge. The same way empaths are here to learn how to love themself by refocusing & reintegrating the love they tend to place outside of themselves, narcissists are here to learn how to love others by learning how to love themselves fully”. 

Narcissists are just the counterpart of empaths!

I found it so powerful. This lead us to discuss the victimization process of empaths and highly sensitive people. How they become victims of persecutors…

There are only persecutors if there are victims and vice versa.

The empaths tend to act as a savior, willing to take the world’s suffering and heal it, when their only responsibility is to save themselves. So often, when in the “savior” mode, they will attract someone who needs saving, a narcissist, that does not necessarily need or want to be saved and that will feed from the source of energy the empath is offering.

I feel it is in our power to stop that type of interactions and take responsibility of our past, present and future actions and get out of that energy, whichever it is, to be fully within ourself and then fully with others. There is no good or bad, whatever role we play, it’s just all about learning and overcoming the challenges life places in front of us and rise by loving ourself unconditionally and ultimately love others unconditionally. 

After becoming aware of my high sensitivity I started to meet more and more highly sensitive people. From their stories and mine, it seemed that most of us went through some “challenges” in life, creating pain and victimization… I just feel that our soul worked on reaching this level of sensitivity and consciousness for a long long time. And that we can be grateful to have reached that level of vibration and awareness. All these experiences are actually a way to learn how to overcome victimization, sadness, anger, frustration, hatred, shame, etc., to forgive, ourselves and others in order for us to reach peace, bliss, unconditional love.

Whatever challenges we went through it just means that we are being taught how to


So if sometimes you feel like the world is triggering, that you don’t fit in, that you feel hurt by what you hear, see, live etc. Just be sure that you’re on that path to unconditional love and that it’s actually a gift!

I believe that we are here to overcome certain challenges according to our vibration and life mission and what better challenge than reaching unconditional love?

So, open your heart, be in your heart. Free yourself, forgive, love! Unconditionnally!

The heart knows better, always❤️

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