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Esoteric Healing with Agung Vijaya – Ubud, Bali

February 20, 2018

I was wandering the streets of Ubud, looking for nothing specifically but always open for new adventures – especially regarding energy healing – as a sign on the street caught my eye: “Crystal healing”. I have seen so many of these over the past months, and I’ve even been surprised to stop there. Lately, my interest towards crystals has grown drastically, so I guess I was more receptive that day to their healing energies.

I decided to enter at Sehati Guest house & Spa on the Monkey Forest Road in Ubud and ask for the “healer”. Agung entered the reception area and we sat down to talk a about his practice.

He answered all my questions very nicely and quietly, explaining me that he had been taught the Traditional Balinese massage, himself being Balinese and healer from generation to generation, as well as reflexology, acupressure, Reiki, Shamballa healing and pranic healing. But these are only labels…

He offers 2 kinds of healing sessions:

  • Esoteric healing massage (2 hours with massage & 75 minutes without massage)

Esoteric healing consists of rebalancing the chakras and harmonizing the energy of the whole being (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) through chakra reflexology, healing massage techniques and esoteric healing (energy healing with Reiki, shamballa, pranic healing). The main benefits of this treatment will be a release of discomfort, stress energy, energy blockages for rejuvenation, harmony and well-being.

  • Reiki healing with Crystals for Chakra balancing (1 hour)

Reiki healing with Crystals for Chakra balancing consists of a Reiki healing session with the use of Crystals to help the healing and energy balancing by placing a stone of the appropriate color and vibration on each chakra area, in order to boost its own vibration without altering the harmony of the whole system. It is said, that by just placing a different beneficial stone on each of the seven chakras, it can be a general tonic to strengthen and tone up the entire system.

I decided to go “all in” and took the 2 hour Esoteric session and enjoy the full experience. And it was a great choice!

Agung started the session by preparing himself energetically, lightening up some incense and proceeding with his ritual  at his shrine while I was seated on a chair with my feet in a basin of water.

He then started the energetic scanning of my body (chakra, etheric body and subtle energies), after which he asked me a few questions:

Agung: Do you sleep well?

Me: No

Agung: You dream a lot?

Me: Yes

Agung: You think too much

Me: Yes

Agung: Stay here 5 minutes

Me: Ok

And I stayed there 5 more minutes, my feet in the water, feeling already a little dizzy from that first rush of energy… When he returned, he explained to me what he felt and what chakra are unbalanced (either overactive, or on the contrary underactive). It did resonate strongly with what I am going through lately and I start to believe that I really made the right choice by stepping into this place…

He then explained to me that being a healer, he considers himself as a “rubbish basket”, a “sweeper”.

He does not heal people but cleanses their energy so they can then heal themselves

That’s where he got me ;)!

Then I went on the massage table for him to perform the chakra reflexology. Indeed, as you might already know reflexology works on organs and organs are also linked to chakras, so reflexology basically resonates with chakras too. Agung performs feet reflexology and from this practice, he can determine what chakras are unbalanced, or at least confirm the first diagnosis if it shows the same imbalance and it did… After the reflexology (that gave me a mixed feeling since it kind of hurts… a lot… sometimes), he gave me a massage, focusing also on acupressure points like the Traditional Balinese massage and ended up by practicing chakra healing with the crystals and energy work.

The crystals that Agung uses for each chakra are:

  1. Root chakra – Black onyx or black tourmaline
  2. Sacral chakra – Carnelian
  3. Solar Plexus chakra – Quartz citrine
  4. Heart chakra – Aventurine
  5. Throat chakra – Blue lace agate or Turquoise
  6. Third eye chakra – Amethyst
  7. Crown chakra – Clear quartz

If you want to know more about chakras stones, you can visit this website.

At the end of the session I am relaxed and energized. I really trust Agung and its genuine intentions and expertise. It was exactly what I needed that day, I am sure and a few days after I do feel better, generally.

Agung is actually a well known healer in Ubud, so don’t hesitate to pay him a visit.



Agung Vijaya

Sehati Guest house & Spa

Monkey Forest Road, Ubud



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