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Jro’s Magical Hands – Ubud Relax Spa, Bali

February 23, 2018

I was walking back to my guesthouse on that rainy day, completely soaked since I had no umbrella or rain coat, but the rain in hot bali is actually nice & cleansing and I welcomed it with great pleasure.

I had placed an intention that morning in a café: Love, light & magic… And it was answered :)!

On my way back, I was looking for a nice place to enjoy a relaxing massage. My surf session a few days ago left me with a few muscle pains and a big contracture in the neck… Ah surfing… it was nice though, got a few nice waves, a few wipeouts, well surfing!

But finding THE nice massage place in Bali, the one you need and that will fit your expectations, is not that easy considering that there must be at least 1 massage place per meter and that quality is very relative.

I pass a few places and as I pass Jro’s place, I look quickly at it, pass over and stop. I turn around, look at it and make my way there. As I step into her little place, Jro welcomes me with her warm balinese smile and I know I’m where I should be.

The place is simple, authentic, clean and right beside a temple which create that little something in the air and I can feel that it’s going to be a nice moment.

I choose the Herbal bath (Mandi Lulur) for 1H30 (the Balinese specialty) and a creambath. What are they you will ask?

The herbal bath

It’s a traditional Balinese massage, followed by a body exfoliation with a scrub made of spices, sandalwood roots and cinnamon, a body mask with yoghurt and finally a tropical flower petal bath… Heaven…

The creambath

I have always learned to never apply hair mask on the skull. It has always been a rule, but here, we don’t follow this rule and that’s for the best! A cream bath consists of a shampoo followed by a scalp massage with avocado and aloe vera mask, a steam treatment and the final touch, a hair tonic combined with relaxing head and neck massage.

As soon as Jro puts her magical hands on my feet I knew I was in for a win! She has that expert touch with perfect pressure.

Not too smooth so it energizes and not too hard so it relaxes.

The perfect mix! Quickly she tells me that she’s practiced massage therapy for 20 years and I am not surprised! She finishes that magical massage leaving me relaxed and energized, as promised!

Ready for the second round of delights!

The famous scrub “Lulur” and yoghurt mask that make my skin feel so soft and refreshed to finally completely relax in the softness of the tropical flower petal bath. Heaven…

I am sooooo ready for the creambath now! And here it comes! First shampoo… Then Jro applies the avocado mask all over my hair, massaging my head with that perfect pressure making me drift into a deep relaxation state. She massages then  my neck, my shoulders, while  the mask quietly does its magic on my hair, Jro does her magic on my muscles. She then plugs the machine for the steam treatment and leaves me under the steam for a few minutes, feeling totally relaxed. How any times have I said relax already? It seems like she chose the right name for her institute – Ubud relax spa

After rinsing the mask and drying my hair, I now have to leave. Really? Can’t I just stay forever Jro? My neck pain from the surf session is gone. I feel my whole body so light and smooth, my skin rejuvenated and my hair so soft! Wow!! Where’s the loyalty card, cause I’m gonna come back every single day until I go!! Aw, and The prices!! Jro’s offer is excellent compared to the market prices (that are already quite low), so if you’re looking for a nice massage in Ubud, you know where to go!!

The 10 Reasons you should try this experience

  1. Massages calm your nervous system and relax your muscles. Ideal for jet lag…
  2. It wipes away fatigue and reenergizes you
  3. It breaks up scar tissue and reduces fibrosis and adhesions from injuries
  4. It soothes many types of pain
  5. It relieves chronic fatigue by stimulating lymphatic circulation
  6. It improves blood flow to your organs including your heart and brain, helping them to function better
  7. It increases blood flow through your muscles, rebuilding them, strengthening them and helping them work more efficiently
  8. It strengthens the muscular contractions and your digestive system, helping bowel movement and toxins elimination from your body
  9. It stimulates the release of brain chemical that shift your mood and boost your immune system
  10. It actually helps prevent future health problems!



Jro Erny
Jalan Suma – Tebesaya
Ubud, Bali
+62 85 338 163 861

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