Reiki by Cat Wheeler – Reiki Master, Ubud, Bali

March 4, 2018

Cat Wheeler aka Ibu Kat in Ubud, Bali, is the Reiki Master who attuned me to my Reiki Master level in November 2016, while I was traveling all around Bali on a very spiritual journey.

I had already certified in the first 2 levels of Reiki in Miami with the beautiful Lorraine Meyers from healing arts of the South.

I had left Miami in June and trained in Hypnosis and NLP over the summer and then left the US for good. As I was going to Bali, I felt that I needed to finalize my Reiki training having the strong will to retransmit and teach Reiki. I searched for a Reiki Master in Bali and very easily and rapidly Cat Wheeler appeared in my research. When I contacted her, she said “no” to my request. She considered I didn’t have enough practice since my level 2 and did not want to attune me to the Master level, aware of the responsibility that “title” implies.

I was actually very happy with her answer, feeling that it was very professional and serious.

I still strongly wanted to meet her and learn more about her experience of Reiki. And we did meet. I really liked her approach of reiki and her wisdom, as well as her calm energy. After I shared all the transformation and trainings I had attended that year, she then offered to certify me at the Master level, feeling that teaching and retransmitting is a good fit for me. I had to practice as much as I could during my time in Bali (and I did), before we would meet again for the certification. I’ve really enjoyed these enlightening moments while training with her, sharing about her great experience of the practice.

I’ve just spent a very precious moment last week with her, a year and a half after our first encounter, where she accepted to answer my questions for the blog.

Cat, I am so grateful for your teachings, for your light, for your trust and for your love. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

How did you discover Reiki for yourself?

I was told during a psychic reading to learn Reiki back in the 1970s, but there was no information about it at that time. It wasn’t until 20 years later when I was living in Singapore that I saw an ad for a Reiki training and remembered the psychic’s advice. I took the class and immediately felt comfortable with the practice.

How did you start practicing Reiki professionally?

I took R1 in 1994, Rll in 1995 and apprenticed with a Reiki Master for 18 months before taking my Master/Teacher level training in 1998. I’ve been practising and teaching since then, and have trained over 800 students in small classes of one or two people.

For you, what is Reiki?

To me, Reiki is all about balance — achieving it and then keeping it in this increasingly chaotic world. Although the technique is very simple, Reiki can be a very profound practice; you can go very deep with it. The beauty of Reiki is its simplicity. As a practice of intention, anyone can do it.

For you, who is Reiki?

As a practitioner/teacher, I am a channel for ambient/Divine energy; it is not coming from me but through me.

A good practitioner brings no ego to the work. 

We are not ‘healers’, I don’t believe anyone can heal anyone else. We can hold a space for people, share our tools, channel with intention on their behalf, but the work has to happen at their end.

What is your professional practice?

I teach twice a week form my home in Ubud, Bali, and do sessions there as well.

What is your practice for your own optimal well-being?

I practice on myself often, and my teaching schedule ensures that I’m channelling several times a week which is also very beneficial.  Because we always channel with positive intention, we create a positive energy field which influences  our daily lives and relationships.

A message, piece of advice about energy healing for the people who will read this blog?

Every teacher and practitioner interprets the work differently, so you may find your practice is not the same as another’s.  Some people are comfortable with a lot of ritual/structure in their practice, others not so much; it doesn’t matter.

Never let anyone tell you you’re doing it ‘wrong’.

Our practices develop very individually according to our experiences/influences. It’s all about our intention.

Undertaking a practice like Reiki is like buying a musical instrument — the more you play it, the more proficient you become.  Daily practice is transformative over time, and working on others teaches us so much.



Cat Wheeler

[email protected]



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  • Reply Lisa McKnight April 30, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    Hello I am interested in doing,/ trying /studying a reiki level one / beginner course ..do u teach such things ?? My name is Lisa

    • Reply Anne Paysac May 7, 2018 at 1:55 am

      Dear Lisa,

      Yes I do teach, however, I teach only face to face. Where are you located? You can contact me privately for more information and I can also direct you to other teachers depending on where you are located.
      With love & light,

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    • Reply Anne Paysac November 19, 2018 at 6:19 am


      I’m working on this aspect of the blog. I will keep you posted as soon as it is available.
      Thank you,
      Have a lovely day,
      Anne x

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