The Method by Diana Jia – Ubud, Bali

May 10, 2018

I have had the immense chance to meet Diana in Ubud, Bali, thanks to a dear friend of mine who introduced me to this magnificent healer.

Diana has so much wisdom and vibrates a beautifully grounded & peaceful energy. She is one of the greatest healers I’ve met and I am in awe of her skills and maturity especially considering her young age.

Our story is quite funny and show how well the synchronicities and the Universe work. We had only agreed on meeting for a tea to discuss her new modality, The Method. The day prior to our our encounter, I had received a reading from an amazing tarot reader, Novi, and that session had definitely started a healing process and I knew I had more work to do about it.

That following day, Diana contacted me in order to change the location of our appointment and meet at her place instead. I asked if I could maybe benefit from one of her healing treatments then, but she already had a client coming and could not fit me in. After looking at several options we concluded to meet for tea as planned originally since no availability was showing up. I was a little disappointed because it really felt that the cleansing started with the reading could have really expanded with Diana’s healing.

That’s when the Universe worked its magic…

Diana contacted me a few minutes later, to let me know that her client had tried all he could but was stuck in traffic and could not come to the healing, and she offered me the spot, which I took of course :).

When I arrived in her little heaven, a peaceful and spacious room surrounded by the lush & nurturing Ubud jungle, I really felt very comfortable. She welcomed me with such kindness and genuine love in her eyes and her energy was just so calming and soothing.

We talked about our projects and life and then also about what was triggering me, although her intuition would have already led her there of course.

We then started the healing treatment and I embarked on a beautiful healing journey towards my higher self. Diana held the space so beautifully and accompanied me each step of the way in that inner encounter, following her intuition and channeling energy and messages with such purity, allowing me to release everything that needed to be released and make peace with traumatic events and transmute those energies into forgiveness and love.

Diana accepted to answer a few questions for her portrait on the blog, which I am delighted to share with you. I can only recommend warmly to indulge yourself with a healing with Diana. I am so grateful for that precious moment that we’ve spent together and I’m looking forward to the next one. Much love xx

How did you discover energy healing for yourself?

I founded the healing modality, The Method, after trying as many different forms of energy healing as I could find. This was sparked by an awakening that took place in 2014 when my physical form had a near-death experience of internal bleeding. This led me to my path of being a healer and facilitator of self-healing in others.

So I suppose the way I discovered energy healing was through immense suffering of my own – a beautiful and grace-filled experience.

How did you start practicing energy healing professionally?

I was called to move to Bali when I was 25 after the message came through to me from my Guides during a retreat at Mount Shasta. Immediatley upon arriving, I came across my teacher, Erika Johansson for Theta Healing. I studied and got certified in both Basic and Advanced Theta Healing, specializing in Manifesting Abundance. From there, clients found their way to me through word of mouth and the rest is history. I will forever be grateful for the beautiful alignment leading to me finding my path and way to serve in this life.

What is Theta healing?

ThetaHealing® works by utilizing the power of our natural brainwaves to access the subconscious where we create a deep, positive change instantly. It works on all levels of your being including; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual by clearing the blocks and obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your fullest potential in life. All of your beliefs and feelings are creating your current life and the circumstances within it in every moment of your day.

When the empowering ones are creating fulfilment, your limiting ones are creating blocks and obstacles. Limiting beliefs and feelings in your subconscious mind are responsible for a lack of fulfilment and achievement in any area of your life including; career, relationships, finance, life purpose, home environment and physical health.

Once these limiting beliefs and feelings are accessed, we are able to use the Theta Healing® technique to immediately change and install empowering, positive and enhancing ones in their place. The person receiving Theta Healing experiences a deep positive change instantly and usually a great feeling of happiness, lightness and ease. A positive change in your world is often noticed even after just a couple of days after a session.

For you, what is energy healing?

The Method combines Theta Healing® that works with clearing all limiting and negative beliefs in our sub-conscious along with the Inner Guidance process, which is a full-self intelligence activation.

Energy healing for me is essentially being a clear channel for Source to do the healing. The effects are profound because it is as simple as this. Full presence with no agenda or judgements is truly the key for holding the container for this to unfold.

For you, who is energy healing?

I would say Source is energy healing. Ultimately, when we channel from the 7th plane, the source of unconditional love and what I like to call the Highest Intelligence of the Universe, that is the purest form of energy. When I do my commands, I shift myself into Theta brainwave, then when I feel that I am in that plane, make the commands: “Creator of all that is… xyz”. It’s miraculous what can take place when we ask when in that field of pure potential.

What is your professional practice?

My professional practice is called The Method. I see clients one-on-one in three hour long privates as I really want to create the space and time for people to go deep. During this period, my intention is to hold space from a place of no judgement and no agenda and simply allow your Guides to take the lead. This form of surrender is I believe, what makes this practice powerful in creating shifts and breakthroughs within one self.

What is your practice for your own optimal well-being?

My own practice is a blessing because in seeing clients, I not only further hone my own craft, but also receive the healing myself. We truly are all interconnected and it’s a law of the universe that what you give is what you receive. The unconditional love and presence that I have the privilege of sharing is my personal favorite practice.

What’s key also is that I am constantly self-processing for one can only take others as far as they’ve taken themselves. This is a daily ritual of conscious, committed living in every decision that I make. From the way that I care for my physical body, to giving myself Theta Healing when I feel to clear any energetic blockages.

A message, piece of advice about energy healing for the people who will read this blog?

The truest and most powerful healer is never someone or something external. Guidance, activation, and facilitation are the most that can be sought from the outside. I deeply believe that your body loves you and is a magnificent self-healing miracle. How can we nourish and treasure that, every moment of this life? Only you know.

Freestyle question – What would you like to add?

I would like to honor my teacher Amara Samata, Founder of the Inner Guidance Institute for her unwavering dedication to the conscious evolution of this planet. Also, my teacher Erika Johansson of Theta Healing and Founder of the Inner Peace Journey for her unconditional love, support, and joyful presence. I feel so blessed to have been guided by these beautiful souls. Much love and gratitude.



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