Sacred Feminine

Sacred Love

Last year I decided to walk the priestess path, acknowledging my sacred feminity and then acknowledging my sacred masculine and feminine energies within me.

I decided to walk that path after feeling really lost in what I was experiencing intimately with men. It just felt that my experiences were reflecting how we had lost the sacredness of love making. The “norm” was not suiting me, my emotions, my feelings and my perception of what making love is.

I had been experiencing a much shadow self and it just enabled me to understand that even though it might have satisfied some part of myself, a deeper me was very much confused by what seemed to be expected of me during (and  before and after) intimacy.

I believe in beauty, openness, curiosity, trust, respect and growth through the act of love, and I don’t believe making love is a casual thing.

Making love does impact me physically, emotionally and energetically

I felt that we had lost our sacred masculine as much as our sacred feminine. I realized how women are overusing their masculine energy to “fight” for themselves and being very much in the warrior archetype and men feel lost, not being in their sacred masculine energy and often rejecting their feminine energy.

Both males and females have feminine and masculine energies and the whole point is to find the balance between both.

I strongly feel that what is important now is to rebalance those energies and use their values to let them complete each other, nurture each other.

This path to my sacred femininity is made of forgiveness.

Forgiveness towards the un-sacred masculine energy. Forgiveness towards the un-sacred feminine energy.

Forgiveness towards myself, my heart, my soul.

I am now, cleansing many memories and energies to reconnect with both sacred energies. Forgiving the un-sacred energies that hurt me in the past and acknowledging both sacred energies within me and expressing them.

I am grateful for allowing myself to experience what needed to be experienced, without jugements, just learnings.
I am thrilled to see how the world is changing right now and how so much awareness helps to shed light on the feminine, its beauty, its strength and its sacredness and how soon the masculine will be able to enter his sacredness too and rise. I can feel that a big energetic healing of the feminine and cleansing of the masculine are happening and I am so grateful for it.

With love & light,

Anne x

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