Sacred Union

The Sacred Union of Shiva Shakti…

During one of my meditations, I was sent to the cosmos, flying there, still in the air, waiting for my Shiva… and he came!
He joined me in a beautiful unconditionally loving embrace. I could feel the intensity and also the softness of the love of the Sacred Union in my whole body, in my heart…

I understood that Shiva whom I was dancing with during my meditations, seeing 2 spirits one feminine and one masculine dancing together and becoming ONE, was actually my soul and my 2 polarities and that Shiva was my Sacred Masculine energy.

I have been reconnecting a lot with my sacred feminine energy since the past 2 years and it is through that reconnection and healing process towards my feminine that I could then encounter my sacred masculine and embrace these energies again.

I understood then what tantra really means!

Tantra, for me, is the practice of self Love, openness to the unconditional & universal Love and to the Sacredness, to achieve the sacred union and become one within and with the whole universe while achieving the perfect balance of the polarities of the Masculine & Feminine energies.


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