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January 14, 2019

I started painting a few years ago. Without any techniques, just a motivation and inspiration coming from my heart. That burst of creativity really nurtured me and brought me a lot of CALM, TRANQUILITY and JOY.

A few months ago, after attending a mandala workshop, where I drew this mandala, I felt really inspired and it kind of all really started there, THE SPARKLE LIGHTENING UP THE FIRE! 💥🔥

It was so wonderful to keep the focus on the drawing and enter that meditative space bringing me all the benefits of meditation.

Rapidly, I wanted to draw more mandalas. Not necessarily with a purpose but mostly for the space I was in when doing them and also I found great to be able to MATERIALIZE in 3d a concept without even knowing what I would create when I started the drawing and just let the FLOW OF ENERGY create… Then, it naturally came to me to draw my meditations.

I am blessed with amazing meditations, the Disneyland kind where I get so many insights, travels, healing etc.!! When I meditate, I go on beautiful journeys, the journey of my soul, of the universal soul and it feels that everything I receive belongs to all of us, so I wanted to share and retransmit all those beautiful teachings and adventures in drawings and hopefully retransmit the journey, emotions, something ;)! On my blog and here on IG, are the drawings I have been doing since then, while connecting to the Greater Consciousness. I

feel so blessed and grateful for all the precious GIFTS I receive and can share now with you. 🎁✨

I want to thank my teacher Ratu and the grand masters and angels and the elementals who have been guiding me on this journey as well ad all of you beautiful souls!

Thank you!

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