The Eye of the Storm

I drew this piece after I had a crazy dream. The Harry Potter style crazy dream where all humanity had to fly (with brooms and wands) in the cosmos to fight dark forces (I think I saw Hermione in my dream too haha).

Every single being had to do it but not everyone was a wizzard or a witch.

The main fear was to die being struck by a lightning bolt.

It felt like a huge storm up there and it was at night time. I felt that was how the Universe was going to decide who moves to 5d, so we had to be in our hearts as much as possible to fight and stay alive! I was freaked out for my family and was telling them to stay behind me. And then I woke up! Pfiou 😰😰!

I feel this drawing might represent what is happening at the moment energetically…

I read a lot about the transition to 5d and also received messages through inner guidance and dreams and through documentaries and other channelers that indeed, there are new energies of LIGHT fighting darker energies to really support us in our ascension and in the NEW ERA, the NEW EARTH that we are entering.

With the ascension to 5d, we move to a more heart centered era, towards unity and the feeling of being ONE.


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