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March 7, 2019

I started a detox 3 days ago and had massive headache since day 1 😫!

It seems that a lot of us are called to detox to embrace the new energies that are being sent to Earth from Higher Realms in the past months. With all the new energies coming on Earth, it’s time to make room for them and keep releasing on all planes: mental, physical & emotional, the toxic energies that are no longer needed (were they ever really?!?).

We are switching from the 3rd dimension (more ego based  duality perception) to the 5th dimension (Heart centered – ONE perception).

And I drew this artwork on my 3rd day of detox, at night with my headache and I guess… a big release process hehe! So here it is..

It’s been now 10 days that I am detoxing and I feel fabulous. So clear, so energetic, so happy and blissful. I had never down a proper detox before and I can only recommend to do one, with of course, a very precise attention and relevant information as to how to realize a healthy detox program.

The detox I am following is about eating only raw fruits and veggies without anything else. Pure and simple. And drink a lot of liquids (water, herbal teas and coconut water). This cannot suit everyone depending on your body and needs… So again, it’s about being smart and listening to the body sensations and needs.

If you feel the call to detox, now is a very good time to welcome all the new energies that have been showering us and that still shower us until at least end of March 2019.

The Spring season with the Spring Equinox coming, as well as autumn equinox, are transition seasons and it’s always a very good time to release all the toxins of the previous season through a physical detox. It is also very important to slow down a little your life rhythm and nurture yourself while detoxing to really create a safe space for you the release and welcome it peacefully.

Let’s grab a green juice together!!


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