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Stepping into my light

June 19, 2019

I received a very enlightening meditation one day where I paid a visit to Grandfather Sun. His message was to make peace with the Light.

Indeed, I might have felt, on an unconscious level, not so comfortable with my light. And working on accepting my light, accepting to walk this path of light was actually a big challenge.

It is after this work, that I did start a huge shadow work on accepting my shadows as much as my light, but that day, the message was clear…

Accept your light and walk this path!

And why would I not accept this path towards the light?

Because it felt lonely… Because it required for me to step into my full power and my path and to go there by myself and free myself from any attachment.

There was a channel of light and I could feel the fear that arose at the idea to go there by myself. It felt like I had to say good bye to all the people I loved but who were not necessarily walking this path. So I asked help to the highest energies, to step into this path of light with me and it required that I dropped the attachment to go there with the people I loved.

When I entered this channel of Light, I could feel the warm, reassuring angelic touch on my body and as I walked towards the sun and fully embraced this sun by merging with him, I found solace and peace and freed myself from any guilt I could feel to follow my heart, step into my light and walk my path…

Thank you!


Anne x


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