Unrequited Love – Message from Mother Mary

September 1, 2019

“My child, My dear child…

We love you, we listen to you and we hear you. We do everything we can to answer your sacred prayers.
Your heart is bleeding from an unrequited love and we are doing our best to support you in this ancient healing.

Your love is so powerful and pure, we thank you for so much grace. We salute the greatness of your love because it is the key to everything.

We accompany you in the healing of your heart to face the betrayals of the past that have left you so wounded.

Forgive, my dear child. Forgive. You are the only one to have the key…

This key is the forgiveness of your soul.

Forgive yourself and all those who have hurt or offended you. Only this graceful act will bring you the peace you seek so much.

Today, pray in your heart for this forgiveness.

It will be granted to you and it is new steps, filled with a new energy that you will then be able to make in your new life full of love and abundance, that you so deserve.

I already feel this peace settling down within yourself and what a joy it is to see you entering into your luminous essence…”

Thank you Divine Mother Mary…


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