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Integrative Breathwork aka holotropic breathing

September 10, 2019

The first time I attended a Breathwork session was with the Reiki Master who attuned me to the first levels of Reiki in Miami, Lorraine Meyer.

She describes Integrative breathwork as follows…

The conscious use of our breath is an ancient practice embodied by shaman, yogis, meditators and individuals seeking transformation, inspiration, clarity and balance. When circular, aware breathing is practiced in a place of sacred space and with a trained facilitator, it is a safe and effective way to create a non-ordinary state of being.  The breath creates a vortex for journeying within.

I did not really know what to expect and was a little apprehensive before the session, but Lorraine, as always comforted us and created a very safe space for us to release safely throughout this whole session. She welcomed us very warmly and answered all our questions before starting the journey.

Yes… a journey!

The whole journey is also enhanced by a very specific and chosen music playlist that will have a direct impact on accessing certain emotions & unconscious patterns & thoughts and release them.

Music is a key factor in this process.

For me it is essential to offer a session of breathwork with less than 10 people if there is only one practitioner (maybe even less).

I have done 4 sessions of Breathwork, 3 in Miami with Lorraine, and another one in Koh Phangan with a quite renown practitioner in that field. I’ve been lucky to always attend a session with less than 6 people, which (with my sensitivity and empathy) is key to not be polluted and feel safe with the practitioner fully present.

I have enjoyed each journey, their intensity and the feeling of relaxation I could feel after each of them. I was quite surprised, after each session to have been able to travel so high and so far and reach an altered state of consciousness that was so deep with just the simple and natural breathing method.

It is essential to not practice this method by yourself.

Indeed, one time, I stopped breathing for a few minutes, because I get so much oxygen that the body just stops breathing for a little while. It does not happen to everyone and when it does, it’s without risk and natural, although, that’s why I insist on attending smaller groups sessions, so the practitioner is aware of what is happening with you at all time and can make the right decisions.

Which Lorraine did when it happened to me…

She sat beside me while I was going through that “no breathing phase” and accompanied me into reestablishing the breathing very softly when the time was right.

The other effect of breathing so intensely is that your body will reduce the level of carbon dioxyde and it might also create cramps in the hands, tingling sensations in fingers & legs. This is absolutely natural and the only thing to do is to relax and slow down the breathing until it stops and start again the breathing method when you feel you can start again.

The few times I stopped breathing were actually moments where I could feel something really clicked by just letting go, but I was not conscious enough to know why and I think it was the point.

Throughout the whole journey though, I was very aware and very conscious, revisiting past lives traumas, meeting my angels and guides, laughing, crying, going through a wide range of emotions, experiencing bliss, grace, beauty and love… it’s a condensed spiritual journey of about 1,5 hour. The man who discovered the power of breathing was originally testing how breathing exercises could bring the patient to altered states of consciousness that was equivalent to the ones reached with very little doses of LSD.

I have not had the chance to journey again with breathwork since that last session in Koh Phangan but I’d be really happy to do this again.

It is said to really help heal huge, deep traumas on a mid-long term practice, results being seen after a few sessions.


Holotropic breathing will help with

  • depression
  • stress
  • addiction
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • migraine headaches
  • chronic pain
  • avoidance behaviors
  • asthma
  • premenstrual tension

And I would also add that it helps a lot on spiritual and emotional personal growth too.

There are a lot of videos on internet about holotropic breathing or rebirthing breathwork etc. that can feel a little overwhelming and I have not participated to these kind of super cathartic sessions…

The ones I attended were quite conscious I feel. People were on their journey, but nothing felt too cathartic or out of control and I really appreciated this.

I really want to share the most authentic experience and I hope I did not freak anyone out with the no breathing part ;). It is a very safe practice, but like any practice it is essential to do it with a serious and experimented practitioner and address any physical issue you might have with them prior to the session.

You can really get a lot of beautiful benefits from using this therapy.

Enjoy the journey!

Love always,

Anne x

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