Journeying with Hypnosis & Etiotherapy by Magali Folmer

September 19, 2019

I have had the immense chance to meet Magali thanks to a friend we have in common. We clicked the first time we met in Paris. And even though we would not see each other often due to our projects all over the world, we kept in touch over the years and it’s in January earlier this year that I received a beautiful gift from Magali: An etiotherapy session.

Magali knows my passion for self development and for alternative energy healing methods and that was a great pleasure for me to accept such gift. Especially after all these years of working on myself and experiencing so many methods, I was not necessarily keen on experiencing more at that time. But when Magali offered this session, I’ve trusted the Universe for providing me with an opportunity to grow and discover something new (in so many ways) and I’ve trusted Magali too. I can feel her softness, her real professionalism, her passion for her practice and I had no doubt she could help me reach new levels of consciousness in my healing journey.

And she did… The session lasted a while, 2 hours maybe. It seems that my body was very comfortable into expressing all the release it needed and knew that Magali was the right person to do so. I did feel very comfortable throughout the whole session even when facing delicate truths and it was so interesting to discover this approach based on the cellular memory and how the body has all the answers and that by listening to it, we can release so many traumas conscious or unconscious. And that method really helps refocusing on the body and creates that safe space for it to express itself.

After this session and all the work I did for the past years, I entered a very transformative period of my life and I know this session was a big step for me on my healing journey.

I would like to address Magali a warm thank you, from my heart to hers. I’ll let you now discover this beautiful therapist, her approach, practice, professionalism and vision of a healing journey.

How did you get to energy healing?

First of all, it was physical pain that led me to investigate complementary approaches to western medicine that could neither explain nor reduce my symptoms.

Then, it was the need to understand and change my family dynamic that made me suffer. This is where the transgenerational work came into my life. A work that I started with the Family Constellations & Hypnosis and then deepened in Etiotherapy.

And of course, my search for well-being and understanding of being has been nourished by a great curiosity for people, their culture and approaches to healing – curiosity that I have satisfied through many trips and nearly 10 years of expatriation.

Through these encounters, I discovered various approaches, from the Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese belly massage with Somchai Intajan) to the sound massages with Tibetan bowls, through energy therapies such as the “Trame” (Frenh method) or the Family Constellations.

How did you come to provide therapeutic and energetic care as a practitioner?

This was done gradually and naturally through the meetings linked to my personal quest for development.

First of all, I had the chance to meet at 17 an exceptional osteopath doctor – a kind of Dr House, but warm 😉 – who put me on this path by offering me a global vision of the person, and giving me the spirit of investigation.

Then, all the various healing sessions I have received, as well as the teachings and retreats, have expanded my vision and understanding of who we are, what we are, and what influences us at a subtle level.

Every treatment, every therapeutic encounter was like the piece of a puzzle that put me on the path to my therapeutic practice.

These diverse approaches I have experienced as a patient have helped me get to know myself better on various levels – physical, psychic, family, spiritual… to move forward, and to feed myself as a therapist.

Then, a few years ago, I did some research on creativity with artists and I helped them develop their artistic potential. For me, all artistic identity is fundamentally linked to the person and their emotional and spiritual development.

The same way that self-knowledge could be a form of art, couldn’t it?

And one day, etiotherapy appeared in my life like a bottom blade that messes everything up, deep down.

This approach captured everything I had approached little by little and made sense deeply

What does energy healing mean to you?

My vision has changed since I was trained in etiotherapy with Dr Latour. Now I would say that energy is information in motion, and it’s also the movement of information.

Indeed, treating someone for the symptoms they bring to me means making the information that has been blocked, buried or poorly “digested” in motion again, to help them free themselves from it and live in their full coherence.

It is also posing the consciousness on what is happening at a subtle level.

For me, a session helps the patient connect with the part that is at the origin of what is happening to them and also with the part that has the resources to free them.

How would you describe your approach?

I would say that I accompany my patients in a holistic (global) way, to lead them towards a well-being that affects their 5 dimensions: physical, emotional, psychic, relational and spiritual.

All this, by dealing with the information – that is, the memories that are the source of their suffering, and by putting a dynamic back into their system.

What is your professional practice?

I practice Hypnotherapy and Etiotherapy, I work at Sciences Po Paris as Coach with the students, and I give Corporate Trainings to companies on the themes of emotional intelligence, self-awareness to value one’s potential, well-being and stress management.

I also like to approach personal development with a systemic and creative approach. For example, using Legos to bring out our unconscious internal dynamics through the symbols.

What is your approach in hypnosis?

In hypnosis, I work with the Ericksonian approach and with the Humanist Hypnosis which also allows us to access our Symbolic and Archetypal representations and connect with the highest part of our being – some call it our “divine” part, “soul”, or “Terra Incognita”.

From this personal research with hypnosis was born a 2-day Terra Incognita seminar that I give with parapsychology researcher Mario Varvoglis, in which we bring the participants to explore their Higher Consciousness and develop intuition. I combine hypnosis with a multi-sensory and olfactory approach, in particular, to promote a heightened state of consciousness, as well as anchoring to reconnect with this state later.

What is etiotherapy?

The etiotherapy developed by Dr Latour is a psycho-body approach that allows us to understand the potential cause (etios) of what is happening to us, and to free ourselves from it.

It is a tool for transformation, and information processing – which are essentially sufferings that have not been metabolized because they are too difficult to accept and create blockages in our bodies.

These memories can be our own past sufferings, those of our parents or grandparents – memories that we hold and that affect us on an unconscious level.

Etiotherapy allows to restore a dynamic to what is blocked and which causes physical pain or an unbalance.

What is your practice for your well-being?

The best thing for me is to sing, to make music, in a group or in a duo. It resets me at every level quite beautifully!

Also, at the moment, I like doing things with my hands, like making my cosmetics and my herbal remedies based on aromatherapy.

When I can, I give myself small moments of self-hypnosis to regenerate myself and self-massages, it does me a lot of good!

And I regularly receive etiotherapy sessions. It is essential to get better and stay consistent as a woman and as a therapist.

A message/ advice on energy healing for people who will read this blog?

In my opinion, there are as many types of treatments and ways of giving them as there are practitioners. It is important to find the practitioner that suits you. Knowing that this can change over time. I believe that any meeting is there to help us.

It is good to experience an approach with an open heart, and to put awareness on the benefits, the changes in the body, the heart, the mind and in life as a result of this treatment.

Writing a diary helps in this journey of well-being and self-awareness – indeed, we are not always aware of the advances we are making, of the subtle changes in our way of thinking, to see the world and to be in touch with what is around us.

Writing allows us to lay down, to mark the milestones of our inner journey.

Freestyle question – what would you like to add?

I would like to share with you this sentence that inspires me:

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung



To contact Magali

Website: www.tournesoltherapie.com

tel: +33(0) 6 49 48 59 27

@: magali @tournesoltherapie.com





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