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The Jade Egg Practice

September 25, 2019

Yoni means the womb in sanskrit and can also be the source or vagina and can be translated as “the source of all life”. The practice of the Yoni Egg or Jade Egg is a practice from ancient China, when empresses used the Jade Egg in order to keep sexual youthfulness for their lovers.

By inserting a jade egg into the yoni, it helps exercise the pelvic floor and tone the vagina in order to experience abundance, excellent health and lasting youthfulness.

In addition to strengthening the muscles in these areas, the benefits of the Jade crystal will help clear traumas related to sexuality.

On a more spiritual level, it will also help clear the sacral chakra by intensifying the Chi energy in the lower chakras, where the kundalini, the life force & sexual energy lie. Once intensified inward, it will then be used to move it upward and create spiritual experiences by bringing the sexual energy to the higher chakras.

Why Jade?

Jade is a beautiful stone to heal the heart chakra like most (if not all) of the green stones. It will then have a double healing property to help heal the sacral chakra and intimate area and connect to the heart too.

The practice

I discovered this practice during a yoga training in India. I instantly felt this could be a great practice to heal past intimate traumas and create a new connection with my intimacy. I had already started to walk the path towards my sacred feminine about 6 months prior to discovering the practice of the jade egg.

And like a lot of women, I have never been super comfortable in all gynecological exams, or with contraception effects, or with moontime protections, where our intimacy feel so impersonal and can endure a form of “agression”. It was wonderful to discover a practice that is about regaining power of my intimacy, re-owning my intimacy, soothing my relationship with my yoni, healing my relationship with my sexuality, healing my sacral chakra, healing childhood traumas, healing… in that safe pace that I would create for myself and that sacred relationship with myself & my intimacy.

I bought my egg following my intuition to choose the size I needed. I bought 2 jade eggs, one bigger for the beginning of the practice and one smaller for when I’d be more used to the practice.

For me choosing the jade stone was clear even though there are other stones available such as rose quartz or obsidian etc. Being a “purist”, I like to follow the original practice without letting the ego modify it.

Jade stone is absolutely beautiful and really feels like the right one for this practice.

Since I was in Rishiskesh, in India, at the foothills of the Himalayas and the source of the ganga, I went to bless my egg in Mama Ganga’s womb and had a little ritual there with prayers to the Divine Mother for her support in this practice and bring me the optimal healing I needed.

I waited a few days, everyday spending some time with the egg on my sacral chakra to attune to its energy and vice versa, creating a connection with this beautiful energy.

Before I used it the first time, I cleansed it very thoroughly with apple cider vinegar (for like 20 minutes). Jade does not like boiling water, so I’d really encourage to use other purification options, such as salt water or apple cider vinegar.

After cleansing it, I lighted candles on my alter and offered my egg a beautiful sacred ceremony. Follow your intuition to do so if you feel the call.

The first time I used it, was during a break for about 2 hours. Jade is said to enhance whatever you are feeling, so I would recommend to start the practice when you feel quite good ;). I was really tired due to the intense yoga training I was attending, so when I used it on at the break, I slept like a baby right after inserting it.

The second time I used it was a whole night. That’s what called me. I’m not saying it’s the right way to do it, it’s just what I felt then for me.

I created that safe space in my room with candles and nice soft light. After setting my intentions and giving my prayers and connecting with my egg, I was ready.

The best to insert it is to put some coconut oil on the round & bigger part of the egg, that’s the way you are going to insert it. From there, it’s all about your own tempo and breathing. Nothing needs to be pushed, on the contrary.

This practice is all about healing and respecting your very intimate & sacred temple.

I just positioned the egg at the entrance of my yoni and helped it very softly, never pushing, just accompanying it according to how I felt with a deep soothing breathing. Slowly it started entering and after a little while, you can also help the whole process with the contraction of the perineum that will naturally “swallow” the egg super smoothly and position it in your yoni so naturally and optimally.

It is super important not to push it

If you feel that your yoni is not welcoming the egg, it’s just because it is not ready yet and it’s totally ok. Just trust your body for this practice. You will be able to try again a few days or weeks later when you feel the call again.

Like explained earlier, this practice is here to heal traumas and un-sacred energies that might have created traumas on conscious or unconscious levels of your intimacy so what we want here is to create safety, reassurance, comfort, respect and softness amongst many other things.

Then I slept with my egg, the whole night and when I woke up in the morning,…

I laid an egg!! Yay!!!

It’s a funny feeling actually to really lay an egg haha. After this whole night with me, my jade egg came out super easily and I could feel it was heavier from the energy it had accumulated while doing his beautiful healing work.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself now (or maybe since the beginning of this post) but how do I do to remove it? Is it going to get lost? Can I lose it? And if I can’t remove it? etc. etc.?

Just breath!!

This whole practice is about creating a connection with the egg

but mostly with yourself and to trust yourself.

It is impossible to lose the egg inside. And some practices offer to place an unwaxed string on it (there are 2 super small holes on each yoni egg for that) but I did not do this and won’t explain it since I have not tried it. I really felt I did not want to alter this practice with anything.

The only thing to keep in mind is to breath, trust your body and never to push wether going in or out

Just do exactly what you did to insert it, to take it out. And if you feel that it does not come out, it can also mean that it still needs more time inside so just let it happen.

As to what you can do with your jade egg practice will depend on you and how you feel. I did walk around the city with it and did specific exercises with it too at home. I’ll let you check online what exercices speak to you because there is huge variety and it will depend on your own needs and how you feel about it and what you are drawn to.

Again, it’s all about intuition

To be very honest, I could not say how this practice has impacted me. I was traveling a lot when this practice came to me and I have not been able to pursue it on a regular basis. I know that it’s something I will definitely do more when I settle down and when my lifestyle is less nomadic.

I really trust in the power of the practice, in the power of jade egg and its healing properties

If you have been practicing, or starting the practice, I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below, and also for the Sisters who would like to have more information about it <3.

The benefits of the Yoni Egg

Strengthen pelvic floor & perineum

Helps, prevents & can reverse urinary incontinence

Prepares & helps recover after giving birth

Balances hormones & reduces PMS

Heightens sensitivity & sexual pleasure

Boosts libido and self confidence


Thank you,

Anne x


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