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Today, I vow to myself…

October 3, 2019

Really felt this Pluto retrograde going direct while finally putting an end to a very toxic & super karmic relationship and toxic cycle in my life.

I did believe Love could conquer all. And I still believe it can…

It’s just that under that feeling of Love were great wounds that love had nothing to do with (or that the lack of love had everything to do with).

As a highly sensitive being, empath and healer, I did attract a very emotionally closed & unsacred masculine to trigger this so intensely and perfectly.

I am so grateful for that teaching and all the other teachings even though my heart hurts right now.

I learned how to stand up for myself, empower myself, express my truth and mostly, free myself on so many planes and dimensions and always do my best to stay in my heart and elevate myself to see the beauty in this relationship, in him and in myself, with love.

I woke up to myself and to my sacredness

And I can now cherish it and vow to myself to always respect that.

I believe this is the key (my key) to my sacred masculine, my sacred union within myself and ultimately with a Man.

I did such an intense healing work to bring love & light to my deepest wounds and shadows and I am grateful for having learned so much in this relationship.

He has not been the only man in my life who reactivated these deep wounds within myself. I thank each of them because they have all represented a step towards who and where I am now and I know that on a soul level there’s only love and it really is for the best. It is all based on Love and done with Love even when it’s not always perceptible on the Earth’s reality and plane.

Today, I want to celebrate myself and offer myself this rite of passage towards my beautiful priestess within and without.

And I want to ask myself for forgiveness…

Forgive myself for all the times I did not stand up for myself, all the times I lost myself, my heart, all the times I did not express my truth, all the times I haven’t loved myself enough. I am sorry…


Even though a part of me needs some time to mourn this relationship and heal my heart, I can feel the happiness & excitement to welcome this new freedom and say hello to my new very much empowered sacred self.

Thank you for this gift ❤️

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