I Am

An Intuitive, a Healer, an Artist, and a Nomad soul.

I have always been quite optimistic, always ready for a good laugh and pretty enthusiastic. I’ve spent most of my life being unhappy though.

I was missing that one ingredient to be truly happy… Self love. Being a helper and highly sensitive, I was giving everything, accepting to get drained from my energy, losing myself. Certainly looking for that love, recognition, valorisation outside, instead of inside myself. Until I’ve had enough and understood that I had to reconnect with my inner self and inner love.

Until that hypnosis session that changed my life. I accepted and understood deep down that I am a helper. I felt a shift inside me and I decided I would use this quality as my life mission and professional goal. That meant changing a lot, since I was Marketing Manager for a cosmetic company in the US at that time. I started a big introspection and set up one goal in 2016. I chose to study intensively hypnosis and NLP at the NLP Center of NYC for 2 months. I did not know how to do this, financially, timewise etc. and I kept telling myself, whatever happens, I will attend that training.

One day, as I was looking for guidance I looked at meditation centers around me and found Reiki. I had no idea what it was and what I read had seduced me and I signed up straight away for the level I. That’s how Reiki appeared in my life, giving me the first tools to align, ground and center myself, realizing a big cleaning: my relationship, my work, my apartment, my city… So I could freely attend the training.

After a wonderful, challenging, and enriching 6 weeks of training, I certified as Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner in August 2016. At the end of a wonderful 2 months trip to Bali, where I reconnected to myself emotionally, physically and spiritually completing the teachings I had received that year, I became Reiki Master in November.

I then followed my heart and soul’s guidance and created this blog about energy healing methods in the world that I encountered throughout my life. It allowed me to go travel around the world, and towards myself mostly, and retransmit all the learnings and healing that I received on this journey. I feel now strongly connected to all the elements (Air, Earth, Water & Fire), to the Sun, the Moon, Mother Earth & Father Sky, the Cosmos and I AM, the soul!

I am now using all these learnings and my meditation practice for my own healing and in the healing practice that I offer with One on One  Energy Healing practice, retransmiting Women Wisdom by facilitating Women Circles, Red Tents, Rites of Passage and offering a Sacred feminine Healing Program. And creating healing artworks & Soul blueprints and facilitating ecstatic drawing workshops.

Connecting the the sacredness within myself and welcoming the healing of my sacred Femine and Masculine led me to a huge personal transformation that I am honored to share with you while accompanying you on your healing journey.

I can say that I have met myself truly and with that encounter I learned how to accept myself, be kind, soft, gentle and most importantly, truly love myself. Today, I feel happy, honored and grateful to be able to support people and fulfill my life mission.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful learnings, beautiful encounters and amazing experiences on this path. THANK YOU!

It’s always a wonderful journey to be on the path to our inner self. And it’s worth every minute… Come join me!