Energy Healing

My practice is based on the guidance of I AM, my Soul, your Soul, our Soul, the Universal Soul. I channel the healing from the Universe, to retransmit the messages, and healing energy that you need. I am invoking the highest energies of the Universe: The 5 elements, Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Ether that are our essence and the Wisdom and unconditional Love of Mother Earth and Father Sky as well as the sacred energies of Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.

I have been trained at channeling only the Highest Energies from my Soul, my Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Pleiadians, Angels and Archangels too.

I am blessed with wonderful meditations, allowing me to connect with the seen and unseen worlds, reaching higher consciousness and guidance from these higher realms to get the purest guidance for your highest good and from your higher self.



I Am the Moon
I Am the Sun
I Am the Earth
I Am the Sky
I Am all the Elements
I Am the Air
I Am the Earth
I Am the Fire
I Am the Water
I Am the Cosmos
I Am my Brothers
I Am my Sisters
I Am Nothing & Everything
I Am You and You Are Me