Sacred Feminine Healing Program

I am offering a Sacred Feminine Healing Program in order to support the Rise of the Sacred Feminine in this new era that we are entering, that is more heart centered (as opposed to ego centered).

Since a few years, you might have observed a more conscious expression of the Feminine energies, rising to express their truth and release all the toxicities from all the non sacred energies (both masculine and feminine) that we have been bathed in throughout the past 2000 years of Patriarchy.

After walking the priestess path for the past 2 years and reconnecting with my Sacred Feminine and healing both Feminine and Masculine energies to reach a balance and unity within myself, I’ve become more and more aware of the power and beauty of Women. And how when Women gather together, to journey together through an activity, creating, working, or just being, it always creates MAGIC.

An example of this magic is this picture above… One happy day, that I was sharing with my beautiful friend Shirley at the beach in Ireland, on a sunny but cold winter morning, we sang to the ocean, as an offering and Magic happened. That magnificent Divine halo appeared, and stayed with us for at least 15 minutes while we were walking on the beach. We were astonished and full of joy to witness such magic in the sky… It really felt like the elementals were thanking us for the offering we had gifted the ocean with.

Having gone through huge transformational processes over the past 2 years and a reconnection with my Higher Priestess and being very close to Isis and her teachings in Women Mysteries as well as Marie, Marie-Magdalene and other beautiful Goddess Energies of all traditions, I decided to create a program to help my Sisters reconnect with their truth, with the Goddess & High Priestess within.

I am so in awe and inspired by my sisters!

For all the Nurturing Love that we carry, for the power of our Feminine Divinity, for the beauty of our vulnerability and for the grace of our being.


12 sessions of 2 hours over a period of 1 year to ensure an experiential and durable healing:

  • 2 customized sessions adapted to your specific needs and that will happen when needed throughout the program
  • 10 sessions of 2 hours with the content described below (might evolve according to your needs)

Monthly access to Online Women Circles every month at the New Moon, with the community we will create together with the other sisters in the program.


Welcoming you to the program and introduction of the steps we will walk together during the program.

Menarche Ancestral Meditation

We will honor and welcome you into Womanhood through the Maiden Rite Of Passage meditation. It is often a rite of passage that Women haven’t received due to the lack of consciousness in today’s society. It is a beautiful gift to go through this rite and celebrate the maiden’s passage into womanhood (even if it was a long time ago) by honoring your first moon flow and blossoming womanhood. It is a very healing meditation where ancestors and important Women of your life join energetically to celebrate you.

Grandmother Moon & Grandfather Sun initiation

The highest energies and huge breakthroughs I have encountered through my healing and spiritual journey was to connect strongly to the Elementals and to the highest energies in the sky and in the cosmos. Grandmother Moon with her loving, nurturing and comforting yin energies and beautiful wisdom and glorious Grandfather Sun, his power, the solar & yang energy and its burning transmuting fire.

Mother Earth & Father Sky Initiation

One of the first revealing meditations I journeyed on was a huge reconnection to Mother Earth’s Loving and supporting energy, feeling held in her beautiful cocoon embrace and also a journey within the clouds and the magnificent sky that holds infinite wisdom and knowledge.

The Elemental Initiation

Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Ether, are the Essence of the Universe, our Essence. We are the universe and we have the Universe within at all times. Connecting with all the elements within is a transformative experience that brings us back to our essence, Source.

I AM Initiation

Journeying towards ONE, your soul (I AM), the Universal Soul, to Source, to be able to reach inner guidance by connecting to the Higher Self and awaken that energy within your heart and your whole body.

Sacred Feminine Healing

Journeying with your inner Goddess, Higher Priestess or any other archetype that fit your essence the most, to connect with the Sacred Feminine within yourself and awake this energy in you to release all the un-sacred energies.

Sacred Masculine Healing

Journeying with your Inner God, Warrior or any other archetype that fit your essence the most, to connect with the Sacred Masculine within yourself and awake this energy in you to release all the un-sacred energies.

High Priestess Rite Of Passage

A rite Of Passage to the Higher Priestess, honoring the Sacred Femine and Masculine within you to unite these two energies and be ONE, within yourself, with the Universe. Celebrating yourself and vowing yourself Unconditional Love. A celebration made of magic, beauty, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness and Love & Light.


Closing of the program and recommendations


  • A better understanding of Sacred Femininity & Sacred Masculinity
  • A profound healing within yourself
  • An opening of the Heart
  • A deeper inner guidance from your soul
  • Empowerment
  • Inner & Outer transformations
  • A great sense of feeling ONE with yourself, with the whole, with the Universe
  • An increase in your creativity
  • A connection to the Elementals and to the Highest Energies
  • A deeper guidance from your Guides
  • Peace
  • Love

I am happy to discuss any of this content with you so please feel free to contact me for any further information you may require.

Much Love,