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My Ayurvedic retreat at Mattindia Center, Kerala, India

July 26, 2017

MY ARRIVAL AT THE ATINURVEDIC CENTER MATTINDIA I arrived at the Mattindia Ayurvedic Center in Kerala, on a Tuesday night, around 11.30pm, after 22 hours of travel. The taxi driver, also employee at the center, brought me to my room, as everyone was already asleep and there is not really any scheduled welcome at this time. I discovered my room for the 3 weeks to come: simple, clean, with a single bed decorated with a mosquito net of course, essential accessory in this month…

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Natural Medecine

Ayurveda: The most ancient system of natural and holistic healing

July 2, 2017

THE ORIGIN If you ask Indians where Ayurveda comes from, you most probably will get the following answer: from the Gods… The origin of Ayurveda is quite spiritual and the below story is found in all the sacred texts (also called vedas). Here is the beautiful hindu mythological story… « Lord ‘Brahma’ is known as the creator of universe. He had great knowledge and power. He was divine. He imparted the knowledge of Ayurveda to a sage named ‘Dakshaprajapati’, who received it…

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