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Yoga… what’s to know?

August 17, 2017

As a lot of people, I assumed that Yoga was a nice physical activity, aligning the layers of my being (body, mind and soul), by practicing postures with awareness etc. Well, I could not be farther to what Yoga really is than this. Indeed, the physical part with the practice of postures is such a tiny bit of what Yoga is. Thanks to India & beautiful encounters that allowed me to receive teachings and guidance in my practice, I managed to…

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I tested

Shamanic Yin Yoga

June 9, 2017

While I was in Paris, a friend offered me to go to a shamanic yin yoga class. Yin yoga being my favorite practice of yoga and shamanism being a practice in which I am particularly interested, I agreed of course. In order to better understand what shamanic yin yoga means, I did a research on the internet and found only very little info. Here is the presentation of the Tiger Yoga Club: “Asana, Mantras, Music, Gong meditations and Shamanic Songs … The…

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Portrait of a yogini Anne Paysac, Reiki Master

May 10, 2017

A big thank you Patricia Nagelmackers @Tayronalife for this portrait!  I met Anne quite by chance in Annecy. She was sitting at the next table in a restaurant with friends. And as always, I believe in great encounters. Our conversations were mixed and we exchanged about yoga. Immediately I sensed in her something special. It emerges from Anne a beautiful and communicative energy, beautiful light and especially inner peace.​ Anne paysac is Reiki Master and practices yoga. Reiki is a Japanese…

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