Your Soul Blueprint Drawing

It would be a real pleasure to channel a drawing for you from the Universal Soul, your Guides, your Soul, Source. Since I started drawing I get messages from the Universe through these artworks. I also retransmit light codes which represent a language in itself, creating a vibration that will resonate deep within the Self and Higher Self. No need to understand… The vibration will send healing energies and anything that needs to be integrated on more subtle plans of the being. I sometimes get a whole story or just an energy through the colors, geometric forms, vibration of the drawing. I will be happy to create your SOUL BLUEPRINT, which contains all the pieces of information and patterns of the emotional, physical, mental and multidimensional being, from the Soul.

I believe these drawings come from many different energies, since I have been trained at channeling only the Highest Energies from my Soul, my Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Pleiadians, Angels and Archangels too. You can have a look at my drawings in the Meditation Art Gallery to have a better idea of the type of artworks I create.

That being said, I see a huge evolution day after day depending on the energies I channel. I just let go of my ego and learn not to judge any piece of art, being just grateful for the messages I get from these High Energies. I am just a tool, a channel that retransmits an energy, a vibration that I feel is a healing energy from higher realms, in drawings.

If you wish to have your personal drawing made, I’d be happy to let the energy flow through my channel to create your personal healing drawing.

Thank you!