The Universe

At first, there was NOTHING… And as the Universe works in perfect balance, NOTHING is EVERYTHING. They are counterparts, nothing (the void) IS everything (the Light) and vice versa. Both are made of the 5 elements: the AIR, giving movement balancing with the grounding EARTH.…

September 20, 2018

Sacred Union

The Sacred Union of Shiva Shakti… During one of my meditations, I was sent to the cosmos, flying there, still in the air, waiting for my Shiva… and he came! He joined me in a beautiful unconditionally loving embrace. I could feel the intensity…

August 20, 2018
Energy Healing

Secrets of the Earth

One day, while meditating, I saw myself in the cosmos… Surrounded by rays of light… an infinite number of rays of light. Then, one of those rays opened up in front of me and showed me what was inside. It was an ocean… And then…

July 20, 2018
I tested

Sacred Love

Last year I decided to walk the priestess path, acknowledging my sacred feminity and then acknowledging my sacred masculine and feminine energies within me. I decided to walk that path after feeling really lost in what I was experiencing intimately with men. It just…

June 16, 2018


I LOVE YOU I AM SORRY for my ignorance PLEASE FORGIVE ME for not loving myself fully and unconditionally that led to pain and resentment THANK YOU for showing me the path to my soul, my light and unconditional love I LOVE YOU…

June 14, 2018
I tested

Tarot Reading with Novi

Ok, let’s start now with smashing the idea of “I don’t want to have a tarot reading because I don’t want to know my future blablabla”. I agree and what I have experienced with Novi is exactly the opposite of “knowing the future”. Throughout…

June 12, 2018

Universal Lover

Swirling with the Energy as one… I make Love with Light I make Love with Love I make Love with the Universe I make Love with Myself And it’s Divine…

May 29, 2018

I Am

I AM I am the Moon I am the Sun I am the Earth I am the Sky I am my Brothers I am my Sisters I am all the Elements I am the Air I am the Earth I am the Fire I…

May 26, 2018


Every word is an offering Every action is an offering Every thought is an offering…

May 17, 2018