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The 7 chakras

January 29, 2018

Wow, the chakras… There is so much to say about them… As you might have guessed or heard, Indians (from India) have discovered their existence, so in sanskrit chakras mean wheel. The wheel of transmission between the universal consciousness and the body and that connects us to the universe by creating energy when both the Earth energy and the Universal energy meet in these centers. The chakras work on all layers of the being: body, mind & soul by receiving,…

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Yoga… what’s to know?

August 17, 2017

As a lot of people, I assumed that Yoga was a nice physical activity, aligning the layers of my being (body, mind and soul), by practicing postures with awareness etc. Well, I could not be farther to what Yoga really is than this. Indeed, the physical part with the practice of postures is such a tiny bit of what Yoga is. Thanks to India & beautiful encounters that allowed me to receive teachings and guidance in my practice, I managed to…

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I tested

Shamanic Yin Yoga

June 9, 2017

While I was in Paris, in May 2017, a friend offered me to go to a shamanic yin yoga class. Yin yoga being my favorite practice of yoga and shamanism being a practice in which I am particularly interested, I agreed of course. In order to better understand what shamanic yin yoga means, I did a research on the internet and found only very little info. Here is the presentation of the Tiger Yoga Club: “Asana, Mantras, Music, Gong meditations and Shamanic…

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Portrait of a yogini Anne Paysac, Reiki Master

May 10, 2017

A big thank you Patricia Nagelmackers @Tayronalife for this portrait!  I met Anne quite by chance in Annecy. She was sitting at the next table in a restaurant with friends. And as always, I believe in great encounters. Our conversations were mixed and we exchanged about yoga. Immediately I sensed in her something special. It emerges from Anne a beautiful and communicative energy, beautiful light and especially inner peace.​ Anne paysac is Reiki Master and practices yoga. Reiki is a Japanese…

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